Are NIGERIANS set to FACE another BUSIA Alien Compliance Order in GHANA?

A Nigerian Narrative on the plight of Nigerians in Ghana as the situation is set to worsen due to the recent turn of events. Nigerians time to leave Ghana is upon us.


NIGERIA & GHANA; A History of Brotherhood or Xenophobia?

This blog is in light of the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in Ghana, this blog goes into deep details to analyze the relationship between the two countries and to give the younger generation knowledge on the situation. This blog is in no way meant to foster hate or anger, I sincerely hope this post is…

NIGERIANS; The Second Class Citizens of Africa

Being born in Nigeria in the late 80s I grew up seeing the final vestiges of the parts of Nigeria that made it respected. I grew up around God fearing, loving and caring people who helped raise me alongside my parents. Uncles and aunties and even my childhood friends then, we were all filled with…