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Let me first begin with a poem I wrote which expresses the question we all ask ourselves at some point, Do we know or do we just think we know?

“I guess today is one of those days I feel sentimental or maybe it’s this damn instrumental. All feelings are internal, makes one wonder if we truly understand this internal turmoil, do we feel or do we think we feel? Are we acting upon what we think is, rather than what is?” By The Anago Man

I’ve always wanted to be that one that truly understood, Like a judge I presided over the expression of my action, judging every intention, hoping I never give the wrong impression. What did that get me? A state of mind that won’t permit me to deceive myself for one second, even if only to lighten the burden of my actions.


I have mingled with men and I see how most things I find uneasy comes easy to them, almost natural. The sad truth is that we all pretend we are pure and just but the truth is that we spend our entire life fighting the darkness and chaos within, all of us lose that battle at on time or the other but Yet still, people are one war away, one natural disaster away from reverting to cannibalistic instinct and impulses, prioritizing survival over morality. A large part of society already exist based on impulse alone, the human nature is the constant struggle of chaos against order.

Human beings do not know what they are because science like every religion before it, tries to shape reality to what it is comfortable with, rather than shape itself to suit the nature of reality.

We as human beings can not be a species of individuals, our intellect is so complex that we must at some level share a collective consciousness.

This collective consciousness or collective symbiosis in our deep unconsciousness, controlling our actions so subtly that we can not recognize the control because we act this out in what I call the “Reactionary Impulses”.

Reactionary Impulses are the general urges which many human beings will act upon, these actions can usually be a sign or herald of things to come in the near future or a change that is coming to the human race in general.

How this reactionary impulse affects most people or why it even affects some people is unclear, but I feel that the simpler or more canal you are mentally the higher your propensity to have these urges or even act on them.

Whether we want to believe it or not, no matter the intelligence some human beings express, many human beings in all races are more closer to animals in instincts and mentality than they are to what should be the ideal of humanity (divine).

The more canal you are the more likely you can be influenced by collective consciousness that controls human beings ever so subtly.

Most human beings are slaves to this collective consciousness that controls most people, the true invincible hands that governs humanity and the paths we have taken since the beginning of time.

This collective consciousness and its main tool for control the reactionary impulse is why human beings appear to be going through a cycle of ages, human rise and grow to super human status only to devolve into more animal habits, were we lose all our abilities including the ability of upper intelligence.

You doubt? How do you explain the raise of great civilizations only for them to fall into oblivion? Do you really believe that all these different cultures of people, who took different paths to rise yet fell in almost identical ways did this through share coincidence? There is an unseen hand which is operating between the unseen realms of our human psychology and spirituality which will affect anyone should their principals be understood and properly applied.

Am I talking about the Illuminati? Please no my friends, I think that the unseen hands that controls humanity in such a way is greater than any group of men. We are looking at an influence on humanity that may be from sources that come from such high dimensions that all we can perceive are the subtle influences and the results that these influences achieve.



AGE of CHOAS: A time during or just after a war or a cataclysm, most knowledge, tools and skill sets that made men’s life easier are gone, law is gone as well, now people will have no choice but to devolve into an animal like state where survive is prioritized above morality.

In these times we will have all sciences, philosophies and sacred knowledge forgotten and people will have to start all over to discover everything afresh. This age is why no one can remember why the Pyramid was created, when it was created or why it was created. Should we enter the age of chaos it will take just another 500 years for us to completely forget about electricity and cell phones.

AGE of AWAKENING & DISCOVERY: In this age cycle many chosen ones are allowed to come down to earth amongst men to teach them, some will call these men gods, prophets etc. But the point is that in this age something is sent that will spark the flame of spiritual, scientific and psychological discovery.

Humanity although still mostly animalistic will begin to look towards high realms of the higher realms of human ingenuity as the place to be and this will spark a race for discovery and enlightenment of all kinds.

Eventually all the discovery and awakening comes to a crescendo where innovations and enhancement in human experiences becomes so rapid, that knowledge and innovation will then double annually.

AGE of ENLIGHTENMENT: This is a time when people have achieved so much that life for most people becomes easy and boring. In these times so much has been discovered, innovations is at its peak, people no longer need the chosen one or the gods to expand their minds and intellect, knowledge is free and most people have it.

In these times the gods are mostly gone or dead, in these times the magic of of the world are mostly extinguished.

The enlightenment in these times is never a total enlightenment, it is either the peak of Psychological/Moral/Cultural enlightenment, scientific enlightenment, spiritual enlightenment. Only one of these paths are chosen and the rest rejected or cleared as none existent.

For true enlightenment to come, one where man is free from the chains of our true overlords, our enlightenment must be complete, Scientific, Psychological, Physical and Spiritual. The abandonment of any will only mean that most of us still remain in the system of rise and fall, mental evolution and devolution.

But with this time quickly comes the age of confusion, sexual confusion, spiritual confusion and mental confusion. There is a desire for more animalistic society even though they possess the kind of life that generations have died and were sacrificed to achieve.


One that is most notable is the the signs that the age of enlightenment draws to an end and the age of chaos comes.

These signs are usually the increased presence of homosexuality in both men and women, this is as a result of the twisting of the internal harmony of the masculine and feminine energy in both of the sexes.

This leads to a deep confusion that has both men and women engaging in sexual perversions of all kinds, this is not because they are born that way, it is as a result of a tampering of their internal equilibrium, the spiritual and psychological compass that keeps harmony between the sexes and promotes procreation.

This is a herald of the age of chaos, so from the internal confusion eventually most people see themselves drawn to chaotic behaviors, eventually this chaos be ignited globally by one cataclysm or great battle and then we are back again to the age of chaos, devoid of all advancement and back to a more animalistic state for most.

Why this is the case, no one knows.

Is this human cycle akin to our nature or is this a form of manipulation to keep us perpetually under-developed so something from our essence is harvested as a resources? No one knows and I can not be certain.

But what is sure and tangible is the existential cycle of the human organism, we can identify this all through the ages and the evidence of this is littered all over the earth. This concept not unique to me, the Mayans talked about it, the verdic hindus wrote about it “the Yuga Cycles“. They define the ages to differing degrees but one thing is clear, there are different ages and how they affect man.

No one knows how many cycles it has been since human existence but, to me it is evident that this cycle is nothing but a tool of enslavement.

Do not awaken in accordance to the dance of the ages, awaken and transcend your spot in the ages and its effects to be free.


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