I am African, this blog is here to reflect issues that affect every black person in Africa, exposing the lies and showing the unbiased truths that media wont tell you. This isn’t celebrity hype or click baiting attempt. This is someone somewhere trying to expose to the truth to millions of Africans, so we can avoid the slaughter that the coming invaders of Africa hopes to achieve.

I will be discussing hard hitting social issues and controversial subjects of all kinds, please support and share, lets allow this kind of media to grow too so people can learn about the truth, while they still can.



    1. Your question an interesting one, why did you ask? You are obviously an Igbo man so I am sure what I am about to reveal to you may enlighten on how you as a Nigerian are perceived and treated in and around this Africa. They have this saying in the Twi Language of Ghana and it goes as thus: “Onyame ntes3 Alata ni da” meaning “God is not Alata/Anago man” (‘Alata or Anago’ are some of the derogatory names Ghanaians usually use to describe Nigerians) Due to how industrious we are we often get a lot of envy for it. I am a Pan-African who truly believes in Africa for Africans, irregardless of how Nigerians get to be treated by other Africans, I chose the name Anago man because the name although derogatory is one name that truly embodies the struggles of the Nigerian man and by proxy the Black Man experience on this earth. Besides Anago Man Blogs’s sounds better than Naija Man Blog’s.

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