• Sun. Nov 29th, 2020
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In the past few months of 2020, we have seen events that have never transpired in the history of Nigeria, and this could maybe be the same in the history of the black man’s world.

A time when the youths challenge the idea of the old and are prepared to die for it, A time when the wealthy and popular are pushed into action by those who don’t have the same power or wealth, A time when the black young men and women question their position and unapologetically seek to serve back what they have been forcefully served.

As our brothers and sisters give their lives on the streets to inspire the change we must understand that these are not simply the dead or unfortunate, but martyrs for a very noble cause.

It is my humble opinion and that of many great minds, including the minds of our oppressors that the rise and stability of the Nigerian people and society will be powerful enough to trigger the rise and advancement of all other sub-Saharan Africa countries.

For the first time, we see a unified cry out for revolution, A unified cry out for change in Nigeria, this is a great time and the flame that has ignited must never be allowed to be extinguished by anything or anyone.

I truly believe that every Nigerian should have a revolutionary behavior, action, and ideology if things are to change for the better for us.

If blood must be shed for peace, so be it!

I tend with who stands for the long-overdue change and condemn to death whoever is against this move and uprising for any reason.

The Anago Man

The true facts of being a Nigerian, My experience and my perspectives as a Nigerian living in the African diaspora.

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