• Sun. Jan 17th, 2021


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Hoodlums today attacked and robbed protesters on a peaceful protest at the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

The hoodlums launched the attack around 3 p.m. leaving several of the protesters running scampering for safety.

However many of the protesters regained composure and fought back against the hoodlums, they subdued their vandalism and caught three of the hoodlums.

The protesters promptly handed them over to the police.

Yet Again, One person reported dead, several cars destroyed and properties stolen as cult groups clash in Ebute Metta, Lagos state on Tuesday night, October 13.

Videos of the Hoodlum’s disruption of protests in Ibadan and the midnight cultist clash of Edute Metta the previous day all seemed to have been organized to look like these people were part of the #endSARS protesters.

It is becoming clearer by the day that there is a concentrated effort by shadow players to undermine the #endSARS protest, or it is a clear ploy to give the idea that the protest is becoming too dangerous and uncontrollable, so people are put off from protesting out of fear, then military intervention can be justified for those who choose to remain.

For now there is no way to be sure who is behind this, but the actions and signs point to a clear sabotage of the #endSARS protest.

Many people have forgotten that FSAR members are the loyal lap dogs of many corrupt politicians and strongmen of the Nigerian society, an attack on FSARS and law enforcement which gives them their godlike status in society is an attack on their very essence of being.

EndSARS protesters MUST understand that this fight is not just against the Nigerian government but also a fight against those non-government strong men, many of whom are stronger than the government because of bodies like SARS, other law enforcement bodies and the Military.

I advise that protesters form a “protest watch team” which will be in charge of searching all those who want to join the protest, thereby making sure that the chances of dangerous weapons being used by these agents are lessened.

All protesters should also watch their surroundings closely because there is no telling what lengths these wicked men and women are willing to go, to keep this oppressive society working.

Understand that you are attempting to collapse a society whose backwardness and failures are making billions for many, they wont go without a fight, so be ready.

Be strong, the people are always more powerful than the government no matter the circumstance, Nigeria is waking up, lets rise accordingly and play our parts for a better Nigeria for us and our children yet unborn.

No matter who stands at the gates of injustice and backwardness for Nigeria, they will be brought down by our joint might.


The Anago Man

The true facts of being a Nigerian, My experience and my perspectives as a Nigerian living in the African diaspora.

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