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5 Things that make NIGERIANS the Most UNPATRIOTIC people on EARTH

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In light of the current events across Nigeria and current events around the world as it relates to Nigeria, it has become very obvious that Nigerians are a unique breed of people.

As a people, we have our positive aspects as we have shown the world, in how we continue to be part of the best of the best in virtually all works of life.

It may come as a surprise to you that Nigerians are the most educated group of people in the United States, outshining both the European, Chinese and all over groups.

Nigerians are also dominating the American economy to a very visible degree, both in trading, innovation and commerce of all kinds.

Our domination of commerce in the Western countries and our domination of virtually all aspects of society across Africa are praise worthy.

Since this is the case, how come such an industrious can not come together and take their country out of the laughing stock status that it has rightly earned itself globally and why is this the case.


You only have to stand around the average Nigerian for a few hours to see this “awaiting a savior mentality” in action.

Nigeria is in a deplorable state when you compare the finance it attracts and puts out, it the standard of infrastructure and development on ground.

Other countries that have suffered from less will have hundreds of thousands of people marching the streets in protest, but Nigerians will rather wait for the Military, Jesus Christ or some foreign aid to emerge that will magically make everything okay.

This ideology feeds into the Nigerian fascination with churches and spiritual charlatans, where they go to exchange physical money, for some magical or spiritual source of income, or guarantee of an income.

Nigerians are never willing to stand up for their rights because they truly believe someone has to do it for them.


Nigerians rarely realize this but their social media, movies, music, and lifestyle are built around ideas, situations, and actions that mostly capitalize on the worst of Nigeria.

There are virtually no bloggers, vloggers or shows that project only the most positive and progressive coming out of Nigeria.

All of these media channels are mainly targeted at the most disgusting, filthy, unsavory stories coming out of Nigeria.

Yet we as Nigerians wonder why other African countries are apprehensive to us when they see us in their countries.

We have in a strange way become the architects those negative stereotypes, that have equated the average Nigeria to no more than a thug or a hoodlum, in the eyes of other nationals across Africa.

There are internet fraudsters in every country, in many countries up to 60% of youths are full time fraudsters or have at one time participated in it.

These countries never associated their name or culture with fraud. Nigeria is the only country to have a monopoly on fraud.

This is because we jump at the opportunity to share our dirty stories without thinking of the actual damage being done by doing that.

Most African countries have the same issues as Nigeria, but these country mainly address issues in a local dialect.

However, the Nigerian dirty linen is one that everyone, including none Nigerian, has come to profit from.

No patriot will see nothing wrong with this behavior.


The average Nigerian has such a lack of national pride, so much that throwing the entire country, people and culture under the bus has become second nature.

The main reason for this lack of national pride comes from the many disappointments of Nigeria and the Nigerian leadership.

In most other countries there are projects which the government engage to promote national pride, but in Nigeria, everything is for political gain, clout, a popularity contest.

In Nigerians history it is true there have been a lot of ups and downs yet as Nigerians I implore you to look beyond the failed government.

There is a lot to be prideful over beyond the disappointment that is our government.

If you can look at Nigeria objectively you will begin to understand that there is so much about the Nigeria to invoke your sense of national pride.

Nigerians are the most educated group in the USA, we also have major stakes in education and commerce in US, UK, across Africa and parts of Asia.

Understand that you come from a country that doesn’t just decide the fate of Nigerians but decides the fates of Africa at large. This is another reason why so many countries want to compete with us, or simply hate us when they can’t keep up with our work ethic as a people.

Nigeria alone changed the film industry in Africa, of which at one point Africans had to receive funding from France and England before we could make movies.

Nigeria on its own financed itself and today Nollywood is for sure without a doubt the Hollywood of Africa.

Nigeria is also the first country to create a situation where its musical artist got to feed and rich from their music alone when all other countries in Africa had mega-popular artists who later died poor.

There are a lot about Nigeria to be proud, look for news like that and promote it.


The average Nigerian see’s escape as the solution to every Nigerian problem, Edo state isn’t working for me so therefore Lagos must be the better option, Nigeria is not working for me, therefore, Ghana is a better solution.

A Nigerian with a job in Nigeria which pays his bills and affords him a manageable lifestyle, yet he still believes that across the border in Cotonou, things are better.

We are such financial whores that everywhere seems better than Nigeria, yet everybody across Africa must deal with Nigeria to survive.

This is why UK, US and every other Western embassy is making a ridiculous amount of money from visa applications alone. Every Nigerian will rather escape from Nigeria than actively work to change the situation in Nigeria.

No matter who the Nigerian is, they always feel it is impossible to change Nigeria and easier to run away.

If we are true patriots, by now Nigeria would be truly better, because we would rather parish at home that run to another man’s country from where we badmouth our father land.


Now this has got to be the may reason why Nigeria has not worked till today, many of our politicians have learned to play on these tribal biases to put them into offices of power.

The whites played on this tribal biases and we were enslaved, our leaders also played on this tribal biases and we have killed and hated each other as a result.

The fact is that every tribe in Nigeria are related, and those who aren’t have had almost 60 years of full time intermingling for their to be one tribe that remains uninfluenced by the others.

The tribal sentiment is what stops people from seeing the full strength of Nigeria, we are too busy seeing the Igbo or Yoruba or Hausa side of Nigeria as all of Nigeria.

Imagine a Nigeria where the Yoruba, The Igbo, The Hausa, The Benin Man, The Calaba Man and all other Tribes come together to put their greatness together for the betterment of Nigeria, no other nation on earth may be able to equal us in strength, economy or innovation.

Our self Hate will also be sure to make sure that we stop others who want to make the country better from doing so, just because we could not do it, so no one should be able to do it.

The Nepotist sentiment and Self Hate problem is an issue to which none can pinpoint its origin but we all must agree that it’s time we let it go.

Is it not ironic that the very people who cry for freedom will be the same people to put down and destroy anyone who steps up to give them that development and freedom they desperately need.

Nigerians have virtually spat on anyone who comes out to do the right thing, all tribes are apprehensive of each other, so even if a man who is a saint comes from one tribe, people of another tribe MUST find something he is doing wrong, stand on it and unwittingly become an obstruction to development.

Nepotism and self hate is why corruption will never truly go away in Nigeria.

This are the reasons I feel Nigerians hate the idea of patriotism, until we embrace our patriotism and understand that no matter where we are, it isn’t home, Nigeria will continue to be the laughing stock of Africa.

The Anago Man

The true facts of being a Nigerian, My experience and my perspectives as a Nigerian living in the African diaspora.

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