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On the 4th of July 2020, one Pastor Bakare, a Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG ZONE 6 Akure), has been reportedly caught pants down, in an attempt to have sexual intercourse with one of his member’s wife.

According to the accounts of the people present in the video, as they revealed to Kemi Filani News, it is alleged that Pastor Olusola Bakare was indeed the person in the video and that he has been a notorious adulterer with many other married and single women in his church.

It is also worth letting you know that there has been a string of this kind of accusation and red-handed scandals on RCCG pastors in the past, but like the Roman Catholic church they give these men soft slaps on the wrist and in many cases still retain their pastoral services.


I must further share that this Pastor has been calling and messaging the lady for a while, before her and her husband whom she was sharing the communication from the pastor with, decided it was time to take action.

For this man to act like this, we must understand that this is not the first time that he is doing something like this, who knows how many marriages this man must have ruined with fake prophecy or just because he wants the woman for himself? Mind you, this man is not an oddity in Christiandom, too many pastors are doing this as we speak and getting away with it.

Imagine how many men are raising the children of their pastor without knowing it? Food for thought.

It is obvious that in 2020 the entire Christian religion and dogma have received some of its biggest blows, as many pastors, Prophets, or so-called holy men continue to show their depravity and greed, without shame or discretion.

Christianity is arguably one of the worst things that have happened to us as Africans and I am glad that more and more things like this are happening, so that the masses of Africans can for once question this religion and never be scared to scrutinize anyone.

According to the bible “by their fruits, we shall know them”, I think it is time we start making honest decisions based on the fruits of these pastors and so-called holy men, who are only out to turn their members to money printing machines and sex dolls.

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