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A Ghanaian man, Emmanuel Opoku, was arrested by men of the Enugu state police command for allegedly pouring hot water on the breasts of his nursing wife.

A women-based non-profit organization, WomenAids Collective WACOL who shared the sad story online where also the people who came in and helped the woman through the abuse which has been ongoing.

Picture from WomenAids Collective WACOL facebook Page

It is indeed sad that a country like Nigeria must depend on nonprofit organizations in order to do their jobs and take the necessary actions when a citizen is abused to this extent.

I also must add that if this situation was to be reversed and it was a Nigerian in Ghana who did this to his Ghanaian wife, this matter would have lead to an escalation of events where the media in Ghana will attempt to paint all Nigerians into abusers, I am glad that such a thing is on the media to show that bad behavior is not a Nigerian or Ghanaian or Togolese trait but an individual behavior that must be treated as such.

West African must come together to have a common and comprehensive law against abusers, not one which puts women on a pedestal but one that guarantees that all acts of this magnitude are to be mitigated with extreme prejudice, so others can be deterred from doing the same.

Below is a quote directly from WACOL:


On the 9th day of July 2020, a good Samaritan reported to WACOL that one Mr. Emmanuel Opoku, a Ghanaian who lives in Nigeria has been torturing and abusing his wife Mrs. K.

WACOL quickly reached out to the victim who is a mother of two boys.
The victim narrated to WACOL that Mr. Emmanuel Opoku was in the habit of physically and verbally abusing her, denying her and the children necessities and always torturing her unprovoked.

The recent incident happened when she asked him for money to prepare food for the family, he blatantly refused and while she was making pap for the 3 months old baby, he proceeded to pour the hot water on her breast.

Mrs. K has been in excruciating pain, she stated that whenever she tries to breastfeed the baby her breast will start bleeding profusely.

After her counselling session with the WACOL legal team, a complaint was filed and the team forwarded a petition to the Police Area Commander to investigate the matter and ensure the arrest of Mr. Emmanuel Opoku.

On receipt of the petition, the Area Commander promptly issued a warrant of arrest against the perpetrator.

The arrest has been effected and Mr. Emmanuel Opoku is now in police custody and will be charged to court on Monday. WACOL also took Mrs. K.to the hospital where she is currently receiving medical treatment.

Prof Joy Ngozi Ezeilo expressed her gratitude to the police for their prompt response in the case and stated that WACOL will follow through as usual to ensure that justice is manifestly seen to be done.

WACOL hereby, pleads with Nigerians to report any suspected case of violence against women and children.

Together we will end the impunity of violence against women and girls that is raging our society today.



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  1. Tell me nigeria what is so spacial in ghana thar make nigerian to go there a bad country like ghana nigeria be sharm of that nosece

  2. I don’t like ghanians there are bad people in africa very soon am go to my father Nigeria the ghanians living in my country should wait for me i will make sure there pay all this things then to my fellow nigerians

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