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Now this is a long happining topic that most people in Accra have had to deal with personally or at least have a family or loved one, who has suffered in the hands of these wicked nurses, doctors or healthcare workers in general within the Accra metropolitan.

The unprofessionalism, blatant disregard for human life and incompetence in some of these so-called healthcare “professionals” are evil.

You only need to visit most hospitals around Accra to see how these so called healthcare professionals operate, their negligence has been the reason for so many deaths. It is unjustifiable how a patient who is obviously in severe pain will be brought into a hospital and the nurses simply stand around chatting with each other while the person is in pain or even dying.


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I personally have experienced this issue, my junior sister used to suffer from acute alcer, when the pain came it was terrible, I remember us rushing her to a hospital along the Kisseman Road near EcoBank; Lapaz Community Hospital Annex. In this clinic we have someone with acute ulcer, suffering from severe pain while a doctor was in his office, he refused to attend to the patient because he was closed from duty, he heard all the screams and sat down in his office comfortably, the nurses were chatting, the whole scenario played out like they wanted to patient to die, complete apathy.

Another experience again with my junior sister, this time the ulcer after leaving her for many years returned and this made her very sick, I sent her to New Ashongman Community Hopital. This time she was attended to and was admitted, within 3 days I was charged around 3500 GHS, she was given injection after injection and all kinds of drugs which ended up making her weaker and weaker, she was so worn out that I decided to take her away from that place. Once at the other hospital, it was discovered that she was given a lot of drugs that had nothing to do with her sickness, this only means that she was misdiagnosed and continually given wrong medication, had I allowed her to remain in the New Ashongman Community Hospital, I would have buried my sister for sure.

It is time we all stop our moral posturing for these healthcare workers who do not care for human lives, I believe that these people should be called out and their license revoked so that others who choose to enter the field will do so with greater knowledge, understanding of human psychology during pain and medical termoil and also a true zeal to save every life that enters the hospital doors.


  1. Korle Bu Teaching Hospital: This is the crime capital of such activities, the vast majority of nurses in this hospital are emotionally dead as they can carry on chatting just as someone is criming in pain before them, instead of them to make a move to comfort the tormented soul as they attempt to medicate the person. There has also long been a rumor amongst young men that there is a doctor in this hospital who amputated young boys legs as a form of punishment for riding bikes and having accident, this too must not allowed to go unpunished, if such behavior is real the law must run its course on such a sick individual.
  2. New Ashongman Community Hospital: I feel that this hospital must be investigated quickly, for a hospital this size the amount of deaths that occur there is disproportional. I also have accounts from people who said that the young doctors in this hospital actually use google to diagnose patients. If this is the case, we can only guess that these morally dead nurses and doctors in this hospital are using peoples lives to play games.

This behavior is the order of the day in most hospitals across the country, but this two hospitals in particular MUST be investigated by the law because you only need to pay a random visit to one of these hospitals to see them in action and people are dying, even now.

But there is hope in the healthcare system, there are some hospitals we can look to, to get the best healthcare services, they are few but the one I know I will share and commend.

The Hospital I will like to commend for their great professionalism and competence in human healthcare work is Taifa Polyclinic. They are not perfect and compared to the straight barbaric behavior of many other hospitals, their staffs are very caring and most people have a good thing to say about them, if you have a medical need then they are probably your best bet for great medical attention. If you want to know why I am so sure about them, I know this from my personal experience and that of  others close to me.


I hope the cute doctor who was assigned to me then gets to see this, I wish the staff of Taifa Polyclinic good luck and I hope they continue their track record of great professionalism, grace and empathy for their patients.

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