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On the 20th of June 2020, armed men raided the diplomatic residence of the Nigeria High Commission officials, the men came with bulldozers, threatened the diplomats at gun point and went on to demolish the building within the residence of the Nigerian High Commission.

The next day, the Head of the Osu Traditional Area and the Chairman of the National House of Chiefs, Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI wishes to make known to the general public that all that piece of land in extent 0.046 hectares (approximately 1.14 acres) more or less being GLPIN GA48906150010 Block 1 Section 019 situate at West Ridge in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana belonging to Osu stool has been trespassed upon.

Head of Osu Traditional Area and the Chief of the National House of Chief official communique to all media houses [Download and Read for yourself, then compare to the testimony of the Head Security Personnel of the High Commission who is a Ghanaian]

According to this house of chiefs, the Nigerian High Commission has illegally taken their land to which they have the right to take such aggressive action against a Nation. Now on further investigation of the information presented by the chiefs show that the insinuation is factually inaccurate and the action taken has been confirmed to be illegal.


Let’s take a quick look at the history and facts of the property in Question:

  1. In the 1960s the plot of land was ceded to the Nigerian government.
  2. In the year 2000, now Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria and Jerry John Rawlings of Ghana exchanged correspondence and met to resolve the issue of land ownership.
  3. In the same year 2000, the Nigerian government paid a sum of 50,000,000.00 Cedis (FIFTY MILLION CEDIS) to the then Ghanaian government.
  4. In 2012, building works commenced on the land which was situated inside the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana.
  5. The land in question was not a leased property but a property that was legally ceded to the Nigerian High Commission by a seating head of state.

Let’s also take note of the hoodlums who now claim ownership of the land kept silent throughout the correspondence of the two presidents, the exchange of payment between the two parties, and the commencement of construction in 2012.

It is indeed very fishy that such an action will be taken under the watch of the now Ghanaian presidency, the same group that was in power during the Kofi Busia aliens compliance order of 1969, which saw the unlawful expansion of Nigerians from Ghana.

Other Important Considerations which point to the fact that some elements in the Ghanaian government may be in cohorts with the hoodlums who attacked the Nigerian high commission in Ghana on FALSE pretense:


  1. According to the testimony of Emmanuel Kabutey who is Head of Security in the Nigerian High Commission, he stated clearly that the leader of the band of hoodlums who came in with excavator to demolition the building of the Nigerian High Commission stated that “He has the backing of the Ghanaian National Security and all other backings from the government” This was clearly stated on the video.
  2. The dignitaries of the Nigerian High Commission called the Ghana police for over an hour and no police came by until the demolition was finished.
  3. When the police eventually arrived, they rather shook hands with the hoodlums, exchanged numbers, and came in to take pictures.
  4. There was no prior notice to the high commission before the demolition.
  5. All such actions should and must be ran through foreign affairs in Ghana, this is clear violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.

Many Ghanaians are quick to say Nigerian High Commission illegally took their property but the fact remains that the property in question was ceded and not leased. Ceded in the Oxford dictionary means “give up“, the property was legally given up to the Nigerian High Commission.

To my knowledge so far these are the facts of the matter, I leave you both Ghanaians and Nigerians to judge this matter.

If I must express my view this is it, I feel that this move is currently an action by the people in power in Ghana to see how much Nigeria/Nigerians can be pushed, if the Nigerian government does not treat this with very harsh reaction, we can expect that ordinary Nigerian citizens will start being killed and plundered in Ghana with impunity.

This has happened before in 1969 under Kofi Busia’s regime, to which Nigerian reacted with the GHANA MUST GO saga of 1973 under Shehu Shagari, you can read more about this in a previous article “NIGERIAN and GHANA: a history of Brotherhood or Xenophobia” to understand what truly happened then.

I feel this is a disappointment and a disgrace to every black person on the planet, this action only goes to prove how savage we are to each other, I say this because I know for a fact that Ghana will never in a million years try this with any white country, the self-hate is real and I am afraid of where this matter will lead us all to.

Please be respectful of each other in the comments.

The Anago Man

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