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Why have W.H.O and ECOWAS come together to deny the MADAGASCAN COVID19 Herbal CURE?

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I once again bring something to the attention of my brothers and sisters, at home in Africa and abroad where ever you are.

Something terribly strange is happening across the world and Africa, this happenings once again makes me question organization like the UN (United Nations), WHO (World Health Organizations) and Africa CDC (Africa Center for Disease Control).


On Monday 20th of April, 2020 President Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar presented a herbal remedy that he said showed encouraging results in fighting off the coronavirus. The president posted photos from the presentation and images of what he calls “Covid Organics” medicine on his Facebook page.

How U.N, ECOWAS, Africa CDC and WHO believe that a president of a nation and the entire medical staff of Madagascar will endanger their own life and the lives of their citizens by sharing a “Fake” cure to themselves and their people and also lift their own lockdown based on a fake medical cure is beyond me, I believe that the Madagascan statistics should speak for the efficacy of Covid Organics e.g Madagascar’s rapid recovery rates are astronomical with 193 cases on record, 101 recoveries and 0 deaths.

Could it be that the heads of these “Big Names” are either adamant on admitting the cure because it is from an Africa country? or is it because this cure has the potential of stifling their plan to use this covid19 issue to put the whole world in a headlock where the whole world is forced into some kind of global system take over due to the fear of corona virus. Let us not forget that Madagascar stands to make a ridiculous amount of money should they agree on the fact that the Covid-organics cure works, we know one thing these “Big Names” hate more than anything is to see an African country profiting from their own resources, now that’s sacrilegious.

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Again rather than lend Nigeria $3.4 billion and Ghana $1 billion on which Ghana is still requesting an additional $1 billion, wouldn’t it make more sense to at least look into the cure of Madagascar and help them improve the cure to its best potential, I believe this will be infinitely cheaper than handing billions to corrupt countries who are obviously throwing their populace into debt slavery.

With the actions of these “Big Names” who are the self proclaimed authorities on the human medical condition, it is obvious that they do not wish to conquer covid19. After all, these big name have had track records of ignoring cures to other sicknesses in the past to push their own agendas.

An example of when the WHO and CDC have denied potential cures in the past includes:
Nigerian Scientists Claim To Have Discovered Complete Cure For HIV/AIDS
The man who claimed he could cure AIDS and cancer with diet

These are but a few around the world, the WHO consists of human beings and scientists just like other scientist around the world especially around Africa who have found many cures which they reject. These “Big Names” often call our herbalist “Self-Proclaimed” healers, this description automatically connotes quackery and this is used on anyone who does not follow the medical formulae of these “BIG NAMES”.

How and why should people follow the medical formula of these “Big Names” when even the herbal remedy for malaria in Africa is so diverse and many of them more effective than the Western medication.

The behavior of the W.H.O and C.D.C has shown the world that their science has become more of a religion than science, where formulas are followed like some religious dogma rather than the understanding that progress is continuous, scientific progress defines the formula and not the other way around, science should be the understanding of this progress in all its forms regardless of if it challenges your conditioned scientific perspective.

It is time someone informed the alphabet people i.e WHO & CDC & UN that Western science and medication is not the only medical path, there are others and it is time they allowed them to blossom rather than suppress them just so they i.e (The Alphabet people) can claim superiority with a science that is failing people constantly.

I feel that Africans especially should be careful and our people should speak up more because it is obvious that their plans, the global take over, UN agenda 2030 and the vaccine does not bod well for Africa and Africans.

I will finally like to end by officially stating that bodies like the W.H.O, ECOWAS, current AU, Red Cross, all C.D.C and Unicef are all branches and proxies of the United Nations, it is not rocket science why none of these bodies never seem to have a different opinion from the United Nations.

What I feel can be taken from this article is that ultimately, it is time that African develops its own system of credibility and value, we depend to much on people who call others “self proclaimed” while they themselves are also “self proclaimed” voices and authority of the planet, Africa wake up, Africa stand up for yourself.

This article was inspired by Virtue Grace‘s vlog channel on Youtube


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