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Covid19 has changed all our lives, before the “pandemic” most people never really paid attention to who was coughing around them but all of a sudden, in less than 3 months, the whole world is so scared of the corona virus that a lot of people seem to have lost common sense.

I am the anago man and my blogs are mostly about common sense, something that people tend to lose at the slightest provocation or influence. I am here as the voice in the wilderness, shouting loud that my brothers and sisters should use their minds before it is too late.

Fear has eroded our minds to the point that we honestly believe that the same people who lie to us daily, election after election will somehow have our best interests at heart during the time of the so called global pandemic, when we know that our leaders and the leaders of the world have a track record of thriving from war, bloodshed and chaos.

It is truly in the best interest of our leaders globally to keep us scared and compliant, this is why this covid19 situation may be here to stay, I believe they will use this pandemic as the reason to pass so many laws and remove so many rights to the extent the pandemic story begins to sound like an old, worn out vinyl record played to its absolute limits.

This article is to question the logic of my readers and every west African who is prepared to give up their rights to feel safe in this covid19 saga. Understand that the world will never remain the same after this pandemic but we can at least make sure that we do not throw the structure of civilization away just to feel safe.

In Ghana an average of 3610 people die per year from Malaria, another average of 2600 die from HIV/AIDS, yet another 2400 die from stroke annually, add these figures together and you have around an average of 10,000 people die from a combination of stroke, AIDS and Malaria. This statistic is according to the Institute for heath metrics and evaluation.


Ghana Fact Sheet

Mortality in Ghana

In Nigeria an average of 4000 people die from Malaria per year, another average of 5100 people die from HIV/AIDS, yet another average of 4300 die from neo-natal disorders, all together we are looking at an average of 12000 deaths which must happen in Nigeria, this is also according to the Institute for health metrics and evaluation.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Nigeria)



The death statistics for both Ghana and Nigeria are deaths that will occur without fail, HIV is a very infectious virus that killed at a much higher rate than the covid19 strain, unlike the covid19 strain you cant just recover or be treated permanently for the AIDS virus, you must keep taking the anti-viral drugs until you die naturally.

Malaria is also doing more damage to Ghana and Nigeria than the current corona virus strain is doing to Nigeria and Ghana combined, so why are intelligent men and women like you so eager to throw your rights and freedoms away for a virus like corona virus?

Regardless of how we look at it, there is something wrong with the presentation of this virus, starting from how it came about, how it has spread so quickly and seemingly unaffected by weather, environment and atmosphere conditions, even the way to preventing the spread even when it has potentially breached your body brings up so much that question’s if this pandemic is what they have made it out to be or is it just a good virus that have been hyped to the umpteen degrees.

Regardless of how scared you are or how sure those presenters look on t.v when presenting the news about corona virus, the fact is that everything we know about the corona virus is just speculation, no concrete facts, especially in Ghana and Nigeria where we are not even presented video or photographical evidence of the around 2000 infected.

In my humble opinion, HIV remains a greater threat than corona virus yet it is not given the same lock down reaction and fear mongering that the covid19 sickness has being given. It is my humble opinion that this covid19 manufactured pandemic is being used to reshape laws and human interaction, I am willing to predict that at the end of the lock down the fear mongering will still continue and we will emerge to a world that we may not even be able to recognize, legislation-wise.


People being required to remain in their homes under threat of beatings, arrest or paying fines. If our right to move about and make a living can be taken away with one presidential speech, makes me wonder what other rights can just be snuffed out by presidential powers alone.

What happens in the case of elections which will soon be the case in Ghana and Nigeria, will they postponed electoral processes because of corona virus, this will through manufactured necessity subvert the rule of law and allow a seating president, to ignore your fundamental right as a citizen to vote and choose your leadership.

Every single news, blog and current event vlogger seems to be talking only about the covide19 issue, this is fostering fear amongst the mostly simple minded masses, which will soften people mind to the idea that the relinquishing your rights is a small price to pay.

If this can not be achieved through fear, it can be forced on you for the “greater good”.

The creation of a class system in society were only those who have what are deemed priority jobs are allowed to go about as they please i.e Government workers, bankers, military personnel, police, hospital staff and select food vendors. Basically the government people and those who will be useful to them, if the government watches us, who is watching our government and holding them to the law?

The slow but sure instigation that all cash transactions be digital, only a matter of time before that too is a law, to slow the spread of the covid19 strain of cause, and it will be for the “greater good” and people like you will give in because you fear death so much.

Face mask becoming mandatory, most people do not yet realize that the face masks does not protect them, it rather keeps their own saliva from spraying into the air. Those face masks don’t stop you from being infected from airborne diseases and what can’t keep something out, surely will not be able to keep anything in.


If the standard face masks are not protecting you from the virus or keeping the virus from you, then why are our governments beginning to enforce them on citizens?

This article is to sound a warning to any man of intelligence, we are being defrauded into handing over our rights, we are being prepped for a great dystopia and we would deserve it is if we refuse to come together and confront the 1% together.


The Anago Man

The true facts of being a Nigerian, My experience and my perspectives as a Nigerian living in the African diaspora.


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