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An ALARMING number of FATHERS are HAVING SEX with their DAUGHTERS, What is going on in WEST AFRICA?

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Something is happening across West Africa, this is something that was so rare and even in times passed unheard of, but in recent times there is something wrong with the minds of those who are supposed to be elders and the youths of today.

There seems to be something wrong with the minds and hearts of people around the world but as the Anago Man, I am here to address these issues as they affect West Africans and also analyze it based on knowledge I have accumulated all through the years.

Here are a few news articles of Fathers having sex with daughters:



Dad turns daughter into sexual partner

Father impregnates 14-year-old daughter at Anyah

Father arrested for forcefully having sex with daughter and impregnating her

Father in trouble for allegedly having sex with daughter

Ghana: Father Grabbed for Having Sex With 3 Step Daughters

Father defiles two daughters, impregnates one in Western Region



Why I Had Sex With My Four Daughters –Father

Weird!! “I can’t stop sleeping with my father”,- confesses Nigerian 14yr old girl

Man sleeps with teenage daughter to have more children

Chai! Father Sleeps With 17-Year Old Daughter In Lagos

Nigeria: I Sleep With My 13-Year-Old Daughter Because of Her Beauty, Father Tells Court


Kenyan girl sleeps with her dad!

Incest and defilement: Man sleeps with daughter

Horror tale of Kenyan man who defiles his two daughters as spouses watch

My dad, my lover: Stories from Kenya’s incest capital

Father and daughter caught red-handed having sex, mother says I’m aware

Another Kenyan lady confesses on live radio to sleeping with her father

All the above are different stories from different countries, all from the year 2016 till now, as there seems to be a sharp increase of these activities since the year 2012, please take note of the year 2012 as it will be important later.

We have fathers who are having sexual intercourse with their own daughters and most of this articles are centered around situations where the sex appears to be consensual, even to the point of a full blown relationship.

The question is this; what in God’s name is happening in West Africa that this amount of fathers look at their daughters and begin to have sexual feelings for them.

Whether consensual or not, these cases are growing to be an epidemic in and around West Africa and for this amount of people to be exposed, it only means that much more are doing this but have not yet been discovered.

To understand what is happening my brothers and sisters we must come out from the mindset of looking at humanity as a individuals because in most cases, we are the reflection of the physique that affects us in general.

To fully understand what is happening here we must look at the totality of the human race as one organism, an organism complete with life cycle and how this life cycle affects the organism itself.

Please Read “The Collective Consciousness” a presentation I wrote in the philosophical section of Anago Man Blog’s.

I honestly believe that the advent of fathers sleeping with their daughters is only a herald of an age of chaos that is upon mankind. I feel this is basically just a time when the internal equilibrium within most people are altered to be more pliable to sexual perversion of all kinds.

The rise of incest amongst father and daughter, is just one side of the coin, this rise comes alongside all other kinds of sexual perversion mostly. Bestiality, Necrophilia, Homosexuality, transgenderism and all other shades in between. These conditions are simply a result of an internal imbalance, the yin and yang in our collective consciousness has been altered and the result of this alteration turn into real world result we can see with the above mentioned.

The issue of fathers having sex with their daughter is not just a West African or Black issue, this is a global pandemic, happening all over and in some homes it is so normalized that most people do not suspect. It isn’t just father sleeping with their daughters but mothers having sex with their sons and Brothers on Sister incest.

The rise of this behavior in mankind is the herald of chaos, people should begin to prepare themselves because things are going to change drastically and it will never been the same.

Arm yourselves with this knowledge, mothers protect your children and fathers remember that you are the protector of your family.

I mentioned the year 2012 for a reason, the year 2012 happened to be the beginning of the Aquarian age, the simple minded will associate this with the sign of the zodiac but it is evident that 2012 was actually the beginning of the age of chaos, you only have to look at the paths that humanity in general have taken and also where we are projected to be headed based on were we are now.


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