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KOBY BRYANT; Tragic Death or MURDER in Disguise?

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It is rather unfortunate that we have to witness the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, him at the prime of his life and the daughter while so young, I only pray that God helps the remaining of his family get through this trying time of loss.

I have never actually been a fan of basketball, I am so ignorant of how basketball as a game works that I am not even familiar with the rules of the game. People like Michael Jordan, Shaq O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and Lebron James are names that you must come across if you must exist in cyber space, so this vague familiarity is the extent to which I knew the name and the man Kobe Bryant before his passing.

Since his passing, we have seen an attempt of a mostly white group try to exchange the huge legacy of the legend Kobe Bryant with on of sexual molestation and filth. When ever my caucasian counter-parts attempt to assassinate the character of a black man like this, it often indicates that the man is larger than life with a legacy that will inspire some and for others something to aspire to.

All through the ages every single black legend or hero who has lived and died have gone through the same stages of rise to stardom, a brief moment at the top, subsequent accuse of one form or the other, assassination or imprisonment and after that, his or her legacy subverted by one single offence which will be blown out of proportion.

For you to understand my train of thought let us talk examples:

Patrice Émery Lumumba was a Congolese politician and independence leader who served as the first Prime Minister of the independent Democratic Republic of the Congo from June until September 1960. He played a significant role in the transformation of the Congo from a colony of Belgium into an independent republic. In January 2016, it was reported that a tooth of Lumumba was confiscated in the former home of police officer Gerard Soete who died in June 2000 during the parliamentary enquiry. In his 1978 novel, the Belgian who helped dissolve Lumumba’s body in acid described the taking of two teeth, two fingers and bullets from the body, reports Brussels Times.


Robert Mugabe, was at one time a leader with the same ideals as Patrice Lumumba, he wanted the complete financial and authoritarian liberation of Zimbabwe from White power, when he showed his willingness to carry out that goal, he was frustrated through sanctions and covert interference aimed at frustrating any policy he implemented. He is now dead and his legacy is left to debate, was he a tyrant or a man that wanted to do his best not to give his country into the authority and mercy of the white man.


libyan_leader_muammar_gaddafi_attends_a_wreath-laying_ceremony_in_victory_square_in_central_minskx_november_3x_2008_Muamar Al-Ghaddafi was a spearhead and driving force for a true African Union, free from colonial intervention and powerful enough to protect itself from all attacks, his vision was the same as those of the great liberators of all African countries but today, he is remembers are a tyrant dictator and not as a man who valued African Union and created a country richer and more prosperous than most of the West and didn’t need the West for anything.

14c5bef850b6975bb5f815b802502727Michael Jackson, owned his masters and that of the beetles, He was talking about leaving sony and owning half of it, they tried to assassinate his character while he was alive and couldnt, he is dead today and his although he may be the greatest musician and entertainer that ever lived, his legacy today is one of Child Molestation and drug abuse, this overshadowed 50 years of hard work and sacrifice to his craft.

I believe the aim of this is to discourage other black men from thinking larger than they should, they cant only kill our heroes, they must assassinate their character as well so we have no reason to follow them, this is like taking a man’s life twice. Where ever this ideology of wickedness comes from, it has got to be very wicked because only a truly wicked being wants to obliterate the life and essence of another human being from existence.

There is the Doctor Herbalist and nutritionist Dr. Sebi, others like Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammed, Honorable Marcus Garvey, Dr.Kwame Nkrumah, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, General Muritala Mohammed, Emperor Haile Selassie and Bob Marley.

Not all these men where revolutionary in their message, some of them where killed for just what they represented. Like in the case of Master Dr. Sebi who was put to death for his revolutionary work on treating some of the most terrible illnesses with simple natural remedies and nutrition. Big Pharma (The pharmaceutical industry) has demonstrated over the years that anyone who challenges it or even threatens to expose it, often meets untimely ends. Do not take my word for it, just do a google search of all those who have been a threat to big pharma.

There have been more than one cure to HIV which is more successful than anything on the market, but they have either been shut down or killed, same with cancer and other diseases. The pharmaceutical industry is one driven purely by profits, the profits it enjoys from most diseases are immense, we can not have a system where every sickness is cure permanently, it will sky rocket population and it will reduce profits, two things which must NEVER happen.

Whether you are from Africa or you are an African in America or elsewhere, if you ever try to create a level for yourself were your movement or activity threatens to liberate other black people physically or mentally from the global oligarchs who happen to be zionists or white supremacists MOSTLY, your character will first be assassinated through covert means or you will end up dead before you can achieve it, even after your death your character will continue to be assassinated to make sure that you are not turned into a martyr or an image of inspiration and strength for the rest of the people.

My Post

Kobe Bryant before his rape case in 2003 had a near perfect record in and out of the courts, in the 2002 Finals, against the New Jersey Nets, Bryant averaged 26.8 points, 51.4% shooting, 5.8 rebounds, 5.3 assists per game, which included scoring a quarter of the team’s points. At age 23, Bryant became the youngest player to win three championships. With this statistics it was quite clear that Kobe Bryant was on his way to become a national treasure and with no blemish to his personal records, of cause conveniently he was accused of rape just a few months later after becoming the youngest player to win three championships.



Picture taken on January 15, 2012 in Lil

On January 6th 2020, Yahoo News published a recent report on Kobe Bryant and his long, drawn out legal battle with big pharma company Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. According to the Yahoo News report, Kobe Bryant was trying to hash out a settlement in the battle with a pharma company over “Black Mamba” before heading to trial. In his newest filings, Kobe was asking the trademark board to side with him once and for all. For the first time, Kobe has alleged Hi-Tech’s products contain substances banned by the FDA as a “dietary supplement.”

Kobe said he recently became aware of concerns “raised by both the FDA as well as the USPTO about the legality of the substances contained within the Product.”

He believed “the product, marketed and sought to be registered as a ‘dietary supplement,’ has contained and continues to contain prohibited substances by the FDA: DMAA and Methylsynephrine.”

He was suing for malpractice and also the use of his name in their medication, the company stood to lose hundreds of millions in the lawsuit as well as in production and stock. Bear in mind this was around 4 or 5 weeks before Mr. Bryant’s helicopter crashed, killing him and his daughter.


Another suspect that I have is the NBA, the NBA like most other corporate whoresons are all about the money and will kill if necessary if it only guarantees profit.

So few actually knew this but in China Kobe Bryant was more popular than the NBA brand, China’s huge fascination with basketball is due to the fact that most tuned in to watch their “Flying Hero” play basket ball.

Kobe Bryant started visiting China since 1998 and has amassed so much fans that he has a godlike status in China.

Once his popularity in China became well established, he visited nearly every year. His iconic purple and gold number 24 was the top-selling jersey in China for years, and is still widely sold at the growing number of NBA stores found in Chinese malls. He was also a leading spokesperson for Nike NKE, -0.83%   in the country.

In 2009, he became a “cultural ambassador” for the Asia Society, at a ceremony attended by Liu Peng, director of China’s sports ministry and a member of the country’s elite Communist Party Central Committee. That same year he started the Kobe Bryant China Fund, a charity that raises money for youth programs in China.

He even once had a basketball-focused reality show on Chinese television.

For all intent and purposes, as of the time of Kobe Bryant’s passing he had a bigger fandom than the NBA in China. But the question remains, how is it that the NBA profits from his death?

Just before Mr. Bryant’s death he was in talks with the Chinese government to setup China’s own NBA system, if this happened, it would be the first time we see a black man that is more powerful and more popular than it’s white owned counter part. His death served to diffuse this action and with time Channel the Chinese viewership back to the NBA. Whether we like it or not his death leaves a void there and the only way to fill it is to return to the NBA and keep watching which is what most of the fans of Kobe in China will do, we are talking another 600 million to 700 million viewers.

In the end the corporate NBA whoresons win again.

Did you also know that Granity Studio was owned by the NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, Granity Studios is an award winning multimedia original content company focused on creating new ways to tell stories around sports. Stories that are crafted to entertain, by bringing education and inspiration together.

Kobe Bryant was also involved in a myriad of other works i.e his production granity studios company which already produced a movie that took a grammy award “Dear Baskeball“, he also owned an venture capital company which was racking in hundreds of millions of dollars “Bryant Stibel” is its name.

He was obviously setting himself up to be in league with any real elite of the world today, should his growth and innovations continued it is possible that he would quickly be beyond control and more importantly, serve as an uncontrolled idea that black people can be truly great. This idea is what I feel they do not want black people to grasp, this icon, this point of inspiration is what they feel no black man should have and I feel this is the main reason they have slaughtered black legends all through history, if they can not be controlled.

Why do I think he was killed?

My Post

Kobe Bryant’s was using the Sikorsky S-76D, a luxury aircraft designed with near military grade sophistication and one of the safest non military aircrafts on the market, but according to the reports they said an aircraft of this magnitude and sophistication had no black box in it, so they have to depend on the public’s information on what happened during the flight that caused the craft.

The Pilot that was flying Kobe on this tragic day was also a man know  for his work ethic as his record remains nearly perfect till this accident.

The speculation is that there was fog out there, this is why the crash occurred, We all watched the video and we can clearly see that the fog was not the threat that they are trying to make it out to be, if this fog was a problem, the Pilot would never have accepted fly and Kobe wont jeopardize his daughters life by forcing the pilot to fly in such unfavorable weather.

I will also like to inform you that the manufacturer of this flight is Lockheed Martin, they manufacture weapons grade machines for the military, these flights dont just malfunction and fall out of the sky. Anyone who believes his flight just malfunctioned must have a serious issue mentally.

I truly believe that he was murdered by the elite, who exactly may always be speculation but to stop the appearance of what they have termed a black messiah they will kill and destroy, it is a given that the black race must never have a messiah figure or the idea of one, whether living or dead.

Kobe Bryant was a man that was slowly but surely going to be in that role and that was unacceptable.

Kobe, Rest in Peace.

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