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This I leave for you my readers to decide, read till the end and make up your mind, the corona virus is a pandemic that is claiming many lives but if we should analyze the steps our so called governments are taking to “Protect” it’s citizens, many actions raise red flags once juxtaposed to the book of revelation in the bible.

Are we looking at the end of days? Is this the time of the infamous tribulation? Have the four horsemen of the apocalypse begun their ride?

Now more than ever in history there is greater possibility for the entire world to be subjugated under a one world rule and one world system.

For an anti-christ to exist it is indeed necessary for the entire world to be merged into one government, one currency, one mindset and of cause one leadership.

For the longest time the governments of the world has worked very hard to make sure that they prep the world for this scenario, hence movement were created through which every country of the world MUST belong or be isolated and sanctioned.

The UNITED NATIONS is a body that was created as a module to what the new world order is to be, the UNITED NATIONS has pushed every form of wicked agenda known to man and have pretended to be defenders of the peace while their true motives remain depopulation and eugenics through UN AGENDA 21 now AGENDA 2030, one world currency, one world government and one world religion.

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Through the UNITED NATIONS the elites and power players of our world have taken steps to achieve this world government, only through which something like a one world leader can exist. They have worked tirelessly and I must admit, the wise men and women, sages, mages, prophets and people of power who fight on the side of the common man have been finally checkmated and we can only behold the dawn of a new age, the New World Order.

You must be wondering, how does this concern the corona virus?

Since the corona virus there have been many deaths but there has also been a visible global police state and a rising emphasis by our banks to stop using cash and only use online payment systems. As this virus we will realize that every country, every citizen will give up more and more of their rights by what the government will term “necessary measures to combat the virus”.

If you want to control people in this day and age, control the cash, this can not be possible in the short term without the factor and threat of the corona virus. Once they are able to get majority of our transactions online, the implementation of a one world currency will merely be a change in sign and all our banks who take orders from the “WORLD BANK” will have no choice than to concur with orders given.

I am in Ghana, these are text messages from banks taking measures to ensure that financial transactions be mostly online:

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This effort to avoid cash will be something that will be hammered across Africa as we are the only place where implementing a cashless economy is impossible in the short term. With the factor of the corona virus getting people to go cashless will only rely on how much you can put the fear of the pandemic in the masses.

People should remember that physical cash may be the only power the commoner has against the tyranny of a corrupt government, should we all place our finances into a digital structure, whoever controls that structure controls our lives. Our finances can then be turn off automatically if barely have opinions that goes against the motion of those in power, we have seen the corruption across Africa, we MUST NEVER ALLOW A PURELY DIGITAL ECONOMY, tyranny will be the order of the day and with such power under the thumb of the world leader who will be the antichrist, I hope you see how easy it will be for him or her to subjugate the masses of the world.


Oscarine Mbikulu
Oscarine Mbikulu

I was surfing the web when I came across a post on instagram from this very intelligent Congolese sister Oscarine Mbikulu @tataoscapro on Instagram, she created a post in which she calculated the numerical meaning of the word CORONA, I was intrigued but in this section I will take it a bit further, even beyond numeral equivalence.

Before I take it further I below is a numerical equivalence of corona virus:


Now what does the word CORONA mean? Corona simply means the Spanish word for crown.

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From what we know in the bible, the beast with seven heads in the bible that represents the antichrist, is a beast that is noted for the amount of crowns that it had on its heads. Is it a coincidence that Corona can be turned easily into 666 in numeric equivalence or english gematria? Is it also a coincidence that we have both 666 and Crown in the same word? What are the odds?

With all that has been said and how they easily go hand in hand, we are to take this as just another conspiracy theory or are we as human beings to sit up and understand that the ground is being pulled from beneath us.

One thing I can not tell for sure is if this is the end of the world, No one can establish such a fact for sure but what I know is that if we sit silent and blindly trust these people in power they will lead us to a world where freedom of all kinds, privacy and even the ability to address yourself as an individual is lost.

God won’t do for men what men can do for ourselves, if we allow ourselves to be locked in this horrific brave new world scenario, we will have to by ourselves fight and lose too many to be free of the tyranny as well.

There is still hope, come together and decide your fates now.

I leave you with one question, considering everything you have just read, is this rantings of a nutcase conspiracy theorist or do these coincidences require concern and urgent action? The answer to this is entirely yours.

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  1. Brothers and sisters ALMIGHTY GOD, the MIGHTY MAN in battle, the MIGHTY GOD of JACOB will bless those of you that put up this write up because with this, many CHRISTIAN’S will come to know the truth about this deadly virus called corona virus.Now every truly CHRISTIAN i mean every beliver of CHRIST JESUS will now know that this evil people that believed in anti christ (666) want to make us agree with them by force. Now what do we do please all CHRISTIANS all over the world am talking about CHRISTIANS with faith, those that believed that JESUS CHRIST died for us on the cross of chavary should come together and pray please let do so that Lord God that crates heaven and Earth will hear us, may God bless you all children of God out there.
    #Anago man Blogs #Oscarine Mbikulu may God bless and guide you all and family. Once again Thanks.🙏❤️

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