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I have been silent about the corona virus situation around the world for a good reason, I like to sit back and just observe situations like this, so I can have an overview of what the real intention and end game actually are.

Before this virus entered Ghana and Nigeria while it was still in China, it will be worth mentioning that I advocated that Ghana and Nigeria closed their borders, I also foresaw the spread to Africa ” WARNING; CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK IN NIGERIAN AND GHANA IF NOTHING IS DONE NOW!

We must realize that the covid19 strain also known as corona virus is a man made bio weapon which was intended to depopulate the planet and facilitate a one world government, but the situation as most in life do not always go as planned. Some unforeseen circumstances have raised their heads and this issue puts a dent in the plan of those who wish to use this bio weapon to destroy and control.



The main reason for this disease is simple, the reduction of every the global population of human beings, this is also made more obvious by the first country to be hit by the man made pandemic, China. China; as we speak has the largest population of human beings on earth.

A virus sweeping uncontrolled across the human populace is the best way to exterminate billions of people while living the resources of the people intact. We should understand that the people behind this are intelligent and wickedness psychopaths who place more importance on profit than human or any life.

We must also understand that the way in which most of the world reacted to the virus was not expected, so for now, this virus remains mostly contained and isn’t spreading like the wild fire it is if left unchecked.



Apart from the part that they wish to exterminate billions, living behind massive resources which they can control as they please, there are rough factions around the world who have devised their own way of making millions of dollars from the covid19 epidemic.

There are countries in Africa especially, who in reality have no actual infected of this covid19 strain but have created an acting front, to make it seem that they are part of the infected so they can be able to lay claim to unlimited funding, all on the pretext of fighting the deadly corona virus of cause.

We have countries in West Africa that has released 100 million dollars to fight corona virus when they have not officially released the identity of infected victims to the public. Ghana and Nigeria’s claim that there are infected people amongst them is mere hearsay at best, they have not officially proven to their people that these cases are in the country but they have gone ahead to implement martial law.

I also do not need to remind anyone that this is election year as well, so this is also the perfect excuse to both amass a fortune and provide perfect excuse to remain in power till further notice.


US President Barack Obama campaigns at the University of Wisconsin

Corona virus is bio terrorism, we have a group of people who have used their vast resources to create a virus that only they have the antidote to, we also have to bear in mind that these power players are globalists who consistently preach about one world economy, one world religion, one world order.

One of the rhetoric of the globalists is phrased in latin “Ordo ab Chao” which means “Order out of Chaos”. This statement simply means that the kind of order they desire can only come from Chaos and this is what they have been planning, for over a century now.

Every year since 1996 till today there have been an epidemic or pandemic scare, many through exaggerated propaganda and others through diseases or similar viruses which will ravage a particular people and then subside. I believe that many of the outbreaks can be seen as case study for the ultimate one they will release on the public. Even this corona virus may just be another case study which will study human reaction to actual pandemic but one thing is for sure, we are being probed and tested so our reactions can be anticipated.

It is my honest opinion that these people, these globalists which to cause chaos, whether this chaos will arise as a result of coronavirus, some other bio terrorism disaster or war is unimportant. What is important is that they wish to cause chaos and disaster, to the scale that most people on earth will be so scared and so defeated that any leader who comes on the global stage with answers, will be given the mandate to be head of the world and with that will arise a new dawn in human interaction. Just like in the movie ‘A Brave New World’ of 1980.


The truth is that the virus is real and it kills, but the fact that this virus is man made, which changes many things and arises even more questions. The seriousness of this issue should not stop you from thinking or questioning everything that your government is doing.

Corona Virus exists but before releasing $100 million and instituting measures that can only be described as martial law, we need to have concrete proof that these infection cases are not hearsay, people are losing income just so a few can profit. Even if Ghana has confirmed cases of the covid19 strain, in what way will $100 million be used in other to control this outbreak? Lets remember that main fight to subdue this virus will mostly be in and around Accra, Tema and spaces in between. Most of these spaces will not see government activity and the brunt of prevention efforts will be concentrated in Kotoka International Airport, Tema Harbor and other non citizen hotspots. My question remains, there should be a public journal of what the money was used for, down to the last cent.

The fact is that this pandemic has not gone as planned because some people are getting better, others remain immune and some regions can not be affected. Too many people remain unaffected. The people behind this pandemic are people of science, so I truly believe that Corona Virus could just another case study, this would be the first ever pandemic case study in known history of man, meaning that the real tool of depopulation is soon ready and around the corner.

Africa remains the most vulnerable, we remain the true targets, lets make no mistake about this. I believe we still have time to take our countries back from the tyrants and change it to something that will protect its own people and make us truly sovereign nations.

Ordinary people know that hand sanitizes, face masks and disposable gloves helps in stopping the spread of this deadly virus, but yet, chooses to exploit the situation for profit by increasing the prices of this essentials tremendously. If ordinary people can do this, how much more for our governments and leaders in West Africa who are renowned for their ability to be corrupt? This is election year too so our eyes must and should be extra open.

Please do not be sheep, protect yourself and learn to question your government and stand up against tyranny if the need be. Silence is consent and your inability to make the right decision will end up destroying you and all whom you love.

Now more than ever black people of like minds must come together, the end game is near, we must come together if we wish to survive or see our loved ones alive with us. This world belongs to all of us, not just the super-rich or scientists and occultists they finance, this world is all ours and we should have a say in how we choose to live and die.

The end game is near, come together my brothers and sisters, we are intelligent and we have power.


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