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Since the officially stated outbreak of the coronavirus in China in December 31, 2019. New update has come from Africans who are onground in China, as the virus ravages the nation of China.


Li Wenliang, a Wuhan doctor and hospital worker who reportedly tried to warn the Chinese public about the emerging coronavirus, he was silenced by the Chinese government, he continued to treat the disease until he, himself died of the same disease.

Due to Chinese dictatorial approach on information sharing, the true damage of the coronavirus has been successfully downplayed, but Africans currently in China and other Chinese citizens are reporting something different.

The coronavirus had started making the rounds across China even before the 31 of Dec 2019, according to official case study, exactly 638 people have died but the reality is that over 6,000 are rumored to have lost their lives already and this is further validated by a fact that the Chinese government allowed to be leaked, if around 13,535 are infected, it is scientifically impossible that only 630 people will die from the disease, especially considering how easily it infects and kills, as well as the fact that it has no real cure yet. The kill rate of this disease is near apocalyptic proportions and the governments of Ghana and Nigeria must begin protocol of closing their airports to Chinese flights.

The Chinese do not require passports to come to Ghana or Nigeria, I urge the governments of these countries to close their doors to China until this issue has been sorted out, or the risk the deaths of too many. Should such a disease penetrate into Ghana or Nigeria, the death toll will be disastrous. Let us follow the US lead in this, close your borders to China until we can verify that things are back in order.

Further update states that the disease has infected some 37 Japanese who are in quarantine, they have now closed their border to China. Singapore also has been infected by Chinese citizens who landing in Singapore ironically fleeing the disease in China.

Lets all talk to our governments about it and make sure we push to stop them coming in until they are sorted, do not be sentimental about this because if the roles were reversed, the Chinese will start killing blacks in the streets and band our flights from coming into the country immediately.

Lets get this to the notice of our government officials.



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