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Now this is one thing you hear women in West Africa especially say about West African men, especially in Nigeria and Ghana. Most women you meet in these places will automatically agree that their men are greater cheaters than their women, now is this fact or fallacy? How true is the statement that men cheat more than women in 2020?

Before I start this short article I must introduce some keywords to you.

The Alpha Males: These are men who are financially endowed, have great status in society, physically very attractive and are adepts at communicating with women.

Simps: These are men who will do anything for female validation.

Friendzone: The friendzone is a mental space in which a woman places potential love interests, they are kept in this mental space as security for when their now boyfriend misbehaves.

Cheating in this article simply means the act of having sex with someone other than your partner, who amongst men and women do this more.


Women are naturally louder than men and more likely to give out their opinions in dramatic fashion to the public, this natural trait of most woman and the natural attitude of men to avoid such attention makes it seem that men are actually cheating more than women, when the opposite is actually true.

mrkoachman_alphamale_pix-3When women say men cheat more than women, please lets ask these ladies, who are these men that they are referring to? When you analyze the male cheaters they are referring to, they are referring to the guys who are the alpha males of society, these men with money, status, handsome and can tell women what they want to hear. If all men fit this category of men, then their will be problem in society but the men who belong to the class of the alpha males are less than 10% of the male populace, the rest of the men are normal guys and the simps of society.

It is true that most men place great value on sex but lets be realistic, most men in society will never get sexually satisfied because they do not have what it takes to get the kind of women they desire, most men will never actually get sex from the kind of females they desire. But women on the other hand, all a woman has to have is an average set of breasts, average curves and an average backside, she may be ugly facially but she can be able to get sex any time or day she pleases. A woman with the most average appearance can get the most alpha male of society to have sex with her but the reverse will never be possible. With this dynamic how are men greater cheaters?

Women will always maintain that men cheat more than them but let us ask, who are these men cheating on them with? They are cheating on women with other women. lol

The most basic woman has at least 2 or 3 guys who are dying endlessly for her attention, there is even a proverb in ewe language within Ghana that says “No woman is single” Another lesser known fact is that most men who begin a relationship with a woman begins the relationship as a truly single man, but even after the woman accepts to be yours, she will continue to see other men until she is certain that you are the best out of all the others in her list, and even then one or more guys are always left in her friendzone, let us also remember that most men do not have the capacity to place women in friendzones. Women can not be placed in friendzone because some guy is always going to be after her, this is not the same story for men.

The friendzone to me is just a soft form of cheating as these people will often be the people they will cheat on their men with at some point.

We hear everyday how married men cheat, most men are lousy at hiding these things from  women but a woman can take some secrets to the grave if the need be. So even when she cheats, you as a man will only catch her when she has done it so much that she is now careless. If a woman doesn’t get careless, she can cheat on you until you die and she will never caught.

To me men are only great cheaters because men cheating has been shouted and dramatized into ludicrous proportions by women, women who are cheating, while shouting about how the man cheats.


MORE FACTS ABOUT WOMEN CHEATING MORE THAN MEN; When you go to these so called houses of God we call the church of today, the amount of married women and young women in relationships who are cheating with the pastors and other church members who they see in a position of spiritual or psychological authority is baffling.

There are many men out there who do not cheat because they have become too comfortable with their partner both mentally and sexually. It is a fact that once a man becomes comfortable with a women, they generally tend not to cheat, research shows too many cases, but for women this is somewhat different, a woman is mentally program to seek for the best so she constantly desires to be with others. It is only few women who do not give into this desire, most do.

This is not to paint men into saints but the facts are if men had the same sexual attention women have, then it will be possible for men to cheat more than women but in this age when all a woman has to do to have sex is send nudes to a guy and invite him over, I think it is unrealistic to assume that men cheat more than women because we simply cant.

When a normal guy breaks up with a lady, he has to spend maybe a year before he can find another partner but the woman has someone waiting already, so in this conundrum, who is more likely to cheat? The one with excess available options or the other most of whom don’t have the same opportunity or the attention. I leave the answer to you in the comments.



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