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I came to Ghana from the Republic of Benin in 2006, before which I and my family lived briefly in Togo, as a boy of 16 at the time I had just finished SHS in Benin Republic and was brought to Ghana by my father, alongside my mother and junior sister. The moment I came to Ghana certain things quickly stood out even then, in Benin Republic and Togo, I knew I was Nigerian but it was not a topic that was brought up in every conversation, Nigerians were not made out to be villains of society but the moment I arrived in Ghana, I began to experience this Nigeria Ghana sentimentality in everything I did.


My nationality will get brought up for every reason and in every point, regardless of what was discussed my nationality as a Nigerian will always be the one reason I experience setbacks or problems. It gets so bad that the average Ghanaian has now developed a superiority complex, where they believe that just because they are Ghanaian they are inherently better more righteous beings than any Nigerian.

When you even listen to local radio stations a day hardly goes by without the Ghanaian presenters mentioning some issue in which Nigerians are painted in a bad light. Nigerians are part of a lot of positive developments in Ghana, many orphanages will attest to the fact that Nigerians are surprisingly amongst their frequent givers but these Ghanaian media houses make it a point of duty to only keep enforcing the wrongs of a few Nigerians through their media channels. This continued act on the part of Ghanaian media has naturally made Nigerians into villains who the average Ghanaian have come to see as responsible for all that is wrong with Ghana.


I frequently have talks with Ghanaians on this matter and some go as far as implying that before Nigerians came to Ghana, there was no crimes in the country. How anyone can believe this is beyond me but this is the doing of media in Ghana who have successfully painted Nigerians into the devils of the society. It is rather unfortunate that the acts of some of my Nigerian brothers and sister tend only fuel the belief in this idea. Nigerians are already disadvantaged because these media houses are the only ones who has autonomy on the Nigerian in Ghana narrative, no one actually gets to hear from the Nigerian and how this issue affects us.

My grandfather was in Ghana before the independence of Ghana, my father graduated from a University in Ghana and I have been here longer than I have been in any country including Nigerian but for some reason, even now that I write this article, I feel like a complete outsider blacklisted just because “I AM NIGERIAN”, I feel as though I am seated on a time bomb that will explode soon and claim the lives of too many Nigerians. As a Nigerian in Ghana it is sad to say that I can not have confidence in the banking sector, commercial, law or business sector, I feel this way because at anytime, what I have worked for can be taken away from me and no one will be there to fight for me because my government is dead and my people are weak minded.

Due to how the Ghanaian media have branded Nigerians, the Ghanaian society firmly believes that every treatment that is meted against a Nigerians must be deserved by default, on the sole premises that the individual is Nigeria.

Nigerians our government have failed us and our celebrities are even greater imbeciles because none of them will ever bring these issue to the limelight, all they do is humiliate themselves for money, making themselves nothing more than a parody.

Nigerians as a whole lost all respect and credibility in Ghana when our women became the prostitutes of society, all you have to do is go to any bar or be on any dating app and a Nigerian lady will be the one soliciting for hookup, as Nigerians we have no dignity before the world, our own government treats us like animals, so how can we be surprised when we are treated without respect or dignity.

I know that it is just a few of the new generation of Nigerians causing problems for the rest but the fact remains that we as Nigerians are failure to each other. We are the same people in government, we are the celebrities, we are the criminals and we are the innocent ones that just want to survive but are afraid to speak out regardless of what is meted against us. Nigerians the truth is simple, we are to blame for our predicament in this world. Rather than fight for our country we have continued to keep silent, hoping someone will save us.

I predict the mass killing of Nigerians across Africa, if it hasn’t started it will soon start.

Nigerians you have continue to be silent and by so doing you have given silent consent to your subjugation and gentle destruction, home and abroad. May God save my soul and that of my family for I have been judged guilty and sentenced to destruction just because I am born a Nigerian.

The Anago Man

The true facts of being a Nigerian, My experience and my perspectives as a Nigerian living in the African diaspora.

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