• Sun. Jan 17th, 2021
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I am a Nigerian based in Ghana for over 16 years, personally ever since I arrived in Ghana their have always been that black box in the mind of most Ghanaians where they place Nigerians, there has always been a competing mentality on the subject of anything Ghana Nigeria, from Ghana jollof vs Nigeria jollof to Ghana music artist vs Nigerian artist, comparison which is fueled especially the Ghanaian media. But in recent months we have seen this brotherhood banter devolve into increasing darker routes to where the Ghanaian government, Banks, news media and traders union appear to be actively victimizing Nigerians in the country.

Before I am crucified by my Ghanaian brothers who will find a thousand reasons to insult, downplay or ignore what I am saying, please take the time to consider what I have to say, if I am just someone somewhere trying to create chaos let my words display my intention. The fact is that I am one of the thousands of Nigerians who are utterly tired of being victimized purely on the premises that I am Nigerian, understand that you do not make a conscious decision of where you are born so being victimized for this alone remains the most horrible thing that can happen to anyone.


Facts remains that before the current administration in power, Nigerians in Ghana have never experienced this level of victimization and straightforward disregard/violation of our human rights, it is so bad that no matter what a Nigerian is experiencing in Ghana, there is fear amongst Nigerians of speaking up because if you do, you can get deported and lose all you have, a good example is the Nigeria Professor Augustine Nwagbara who was talking about the treatment of Nigerians in Ghana and compared Ghana Tertiary education to Nigerian tertiary educational systems, he also advise Nigerians to learn how to get their voices heard by making videos and documentaries about these issues. You will think no one should have any response for such a thing beyond people sharing their thoughts if the man was right or wrong.

Professor Augustine Nwagbara

Believe it or not Ghanaian publications like GHANAWEB said this about the man “Nigerian Professor hatches plot to ‘tear up’ Ghana” MYJOYONLINE also displays how this man was treated by Ghanaian authorities “CID invites Nigerian Prof over ‘inciting’ comments” Throughout this ordeal the Nigeria Professor remained silent, as he was paraded by Ghana news media as a man that is trying to incite violence and ‘tire up’ Ghana. This was what the same professor said when he was sent back to Nigeria, the Ghanaian Guardians did an in-depth interview with the Professor “Sacked Nigerian Professor Nwagbara breaks silence after leaving Ghana”  the article was by Fiifi Tanko. Also on another article Peacefmonline “I Probably Would Have Been A Dead Man If Not For The Nigerian Ambassador – Nigerian Prof. Who Was Dismissed Speaks On His Ordeal In Ghana

Nigerians in Ghana are a part of the society, Nigerians contribute economically, commercially and socially, it is evil that this same people whose impact on the Ghanaian society are so obvious should relegated to the background that they can not even voice out their discontent without fear of murder, assault or deportation.

My point for writing this article is not to incite violence or unrest but to let the Ghanaian society understand that Nigerians are humans too. There is a proverb that says it is unjust to keep beating a child and still insist that the child does not cry out. The Professor was lambasted for stating the obvious against the Ghanaian educational system but a Ghanaian citizen shared a similar view on the same issue and is yet to be lambasted.

Senyo Hosi

SENYO HOSI‘ said the same things about the Ghanaian tertiary educational system though in a different rhetoric, but is yet to be invited by Ghanaian CID for questioning. I live in Ghana and truth is that Ghanaian and Nigerian educational system especially in the tertiary have a lot of amends to make so our graduates can be the best of their set. To speak this is not hatred or a plot to divide the government.

It is a fact that Nigerians face too much discrimination and victimization in Ghana, to say that we should invite Nigerian media to cover this happenings so we can bring some attention to it and have our voices heard isn’t a plot to destabilize the country, but a cry for help because the only narrative when it comes to ‘Nigerian in Ghana’ is the Ghanaian narrative, always only the Ghanaian narrative. As a Nigerian in Ghana, I dare not express my discontent on issues that affect me or I will be threatened, insulted, assaulted or deported. I have seen racist people in Africa, I have worked for one at a point, but I have never felt so victimized and it is sad that it is my own people who look like me, share similar cultures and come from the region, treat me and my people with the worst disdain.




As a Nigerian living in Ghana, since 2016 till now it is slowly beginning to dawn on most Nigerians living in Ghana that they may have no rights or laws that back them or their interests, due to the fact that laws can be flat out disregarded when it concerns Nigerians especially. Very recently we had the GUTA (Ghana Union of Traders Association) go to areas where Nigerian traders have their businesses and unlawfully closed the shops and businesses of all Nigerians in the area, these shops although the government have told them to reopen the shops have continued to leave these shops closed in complete disregard of the Ghanaian legal system. I believe that this is happening this way because Nigerians are involved, our lives, properties, business and affairs mean nothing to the authorities of this world whether Ghanaian or Nigerian or United Nations, Nigerians are basically free game to be victimized and maltreated everywhere.


A diplomatic row is brewing between Nigeria and Ghana as the Nigeria High  Commission is being forcefully evicted from its diplomatic property in Accra. According to the article on Ghanaweb the property was reallocated to a Ghanaian company sometime in August 2019 and a second notification was sent in December 27 2019, then the diplomatic residence was broken into my Ghanaians on the 2nd of January 2020, just 7 days after second notification. My question is this, would they dare do the same to an American diplomatic residence? I seriously doubt that, Nigerian have sank so low that this is happening to our diplomats in Ghana and the presidency and government remains silent as of the 4th of December 2020. Nigerians are in serious trouble in Ghana.

The blame of this affairs must go to the Nigerian President and government, I feel that the Ghanaians doing these things to Nigerians are using the closure of Nigeria’s border as an excuse to further their plans to further victimize Nigerians in their society, Nigeria is two countries away from Ghana, Nigeria also closed the border due to fears of people importing ammunition illegally, yet people like GUTA who are looking for any reason to justify their injustice on Nigerians use the border closure as a point to validate their unjust actions on Nigerians.

If you are a Nigerian reading this, I urge you to please consider putting yourself together and leaving the country now! I can foresee a future where our people in this country will be treated just the same way they are being treated in Libya, eventually killings and extortion will be the order of the day.

The former eviction of Nigerians from Ghana was under the same administration and circumstances, Nigeria was in a weakened state going through a coup when Abbrefa Kofi Busia implimented his Alien compliance order and today Nigeria under the administration of President Buhari is at the weakest it has ever been since it’s inception, is it a coincidence that Ghana is now making similar moves that see Nigerians in Ghana in a state of systematic victimization? I wonder.

It is starting little by little, it is time we close up shop and either go somewhere else or go home. I speak to you without sugarcoating matters, it is time to change location before things get out of hand, we have a dead government, no one will protect you so just move away from the country before it is too late, Ghana is now a hot zone for any Nigerian regardless of your moral standing or societal leverage.



I leave this message to all Ghanaians who will read this, it is my believe that many Ghanaians know a Nigerian who has had a positive influence in their life, it is my believe that Nigerians in Ghana have contributed positively to every business and development in Ghana, I am not speculating, if you will be honest to yourself you know a Nigerian who has been positively influential to you. Why is it that Ghana only parades the so few Nigerians who involve themselves in criminal behavior in Ghana, why is it that the good of Nigerians which I know I very in great numbers are never celebrated or paraded on the news for their good works yet the same people who contribute so much to your society get to be treated like dogs who deserve nothing they worked for.

The Chinese will sell to Ghanaians and make a lot of money in Ghana, they are involved in Galamze that claims the lives of too many Ghanaian boys, yet when they make this money they spend it exclusively amongst themselves and almost never take the Ghanaian along, yet these people are celebrated and treated like heroes.

When have you seen, a Chinese patronizing a Ghanaian business? When have you seen an Arab patronizing a Ghanaian business? They sell to you but they never spend it with you. Yet the Nigerian who works amongst you, makes the money amongst you and spends it probably with you gets to be treated like a human being devoid of rights. I am appealing to Ghanaians to read this without bias because of the narrative of ‘Nigerians in Ghana’ in the media is never from the Nigerian perspective, only the Ghanaian media hold the narrative of Nigerians in Ghana (Nigerians in Ghana do not have a voice). We too have our side of this story, the media has successfully painted us to be devils for about 3 consecutive years, sometimes sharing fake news and refusing to retract it (JOYFMONLINE) We are victims here.

Nigerians in Ghana have been accused of every kind of crime under the sun, from the introduction of crime to Ghana, to the killing of Ghanaians; cutting them open and putting gold in their dead bodies to be smuggled across the border. I have heard it all, trust me. This leads me to believe that Nigerians in Ghana have been transformed into blood thirsty monsters in the eyes of Ghanaians by the Ghanaian media, the character assassination of my people is utterly complete.

I’m not saying all Nigerians are saints but if we are 2 million Nigerians in Ghana, is it not strange that 2 million people are being persecuted for the crimes of less than 100 people? I leave this to you because today Nigerians are the best scapegoats, it is easy to sell the idea that Nigerians are responsible for all the crimes in Ghana but when you succeed in driving all Nigerians out, tomorrow when there is no more Nigerian in Ghana to blame for the crimes and corruption in the system, you will eventually turn towards each other to look for whom to blame next, the mentality of having a devil you can conveniently blame for all that is wrong in society is a mindset that requires the continued existence of the said devil, to make everyone feel that safety will come when this devil leaves or is destroyed. I am Nigerian and I am telling you, Nigerians are not your enemy, even if we all left today, Ghana will still have the same problems Ghana has now.

To say that Nigerians are the source and perpetrators of all the crimes in Ghanaian society is simply wishful thinking.

Be it as it may, I advise that all Nigerians leave Ghana as soon as they can, this mindset many Ghanaians have of Nigerians can only lead to something terrible for Nigerians in the country.



The Anago Man

The true facts of being a Nigerian, My experience and my perspectives as a Nigerian living in the African diaspora.

10 thoughts on “Are NIGERIANS set to FACE another BUSIA Alien Compliance Order in GHANA?”
  1. Nigerians are too many in Ghana. We are not going to sit down for you to take our businesses and land you too plenty….. You need to control your population.

    1. Ok, Let me agree with you that Nigerians are too many, the population of Nigerians in Ghana are mostly in Accra and fewer of them are in Kumasi. We have some of them in Tema but apart from these places are Nigerians in the northern part of Ghana? Are they in other outskirts of Ghana? Nigerians like every other foreigner are in the major city mostly Accra. It is rather unfortunate that Nigerians happen to be the ones who mingle with Ghanaians the most. I think this is the cause of the predicament, if we are in Ghana and keep to ourselves like all other nations, instead of investing and building here we send majority of our earnings home, I do not think Ghanaians will view us as threats. But Ghanaians should know that they are teaching other nations a lesson with the treatment of Nigerians. Soon you will have foreigners in Ghana but they will not be reflecting in the system because you have scared them into such behavior. Finally I want to tell you that, the Chinese and Arabs are probably making more money in Ghana than all Nigerians combined but you will never see them patronizing any Ghana business. It is undeniable our economic input in Ghana, so to turn back and demonize the same people who have come to Ghana made money here and spent it here, yet give praise to the chinese who are killing boys in galamzey operations yet contribute almost nothing to local businesses, the world is watching. One thing I love Ghana for is that one day a Ghanaian man or woman will always be bold enough to expose these truths.

      1. You don’t know what you are talking about. There are Nigerians in almost all major towns in Northern Ghana in dealing in spare parts. I have a number of Nigerian friends but the fact remains that, even some of the good Nigerian brothers do complain that their own people are tanition the image of the larger Nigerian population in Ghana. Impregnating minors, disobedient to our laws, threatenings, killings, robbery, cyber crimes are just a fraction of some of the crimes Nigerians are committing in Ghana. Some two years ago, a survey was conducted in Nigeria regarding how Ghanaians conduct themselves in Nigerian and it was concluded that, Ghanaians are very calm, respectful and law abiding in Nigeria.

      2. Pls send me this survey. Lol and according to your statement all Ghanaians are basically saints and all crimes in Ghana are carried out by Nigerians? Is that what you are saying? You also telling me we dont have Ghanaians in Nigeria commiting crimes, is this ur insinuation? If you really believe this then I cant conversate with you because your mindset is illogical. I will say it just so you know, i love Ghana, lived here for most of my life, my own father went to the university here and my grandfather was here before your independence. I know Ghanaians and I know Nigerians, i know Ghana more than I know Nigeria, and I tell u this, pls remember it. Nigeria are greater hosts to foreigners more than Ghana, every Nigerian in Ghana is subject to unjust treatment and injustice all because they are Nigerians. But Ghanaians in Nigeria are allowed to thrive and grow, many Ghanaians are decision makers in many communities in nigeria, can this be the same in Ghana? Im just a blogger whose passion is to make Both Naija and Gh better through my writing, yet I know the type of racism and prejudice I receive from Ghanaians all based on the fact that I am Nigerian. Both in Crime and Treatment of foreigners my Ghanaian brothers and sisters are lacking. FYI cyber crime is responsible for the economic growth in many families in Ghana, there is hardly any family in Ghana who has not profitted from that cyber crime and finally note there have always been fraud and cyber crime in Ghana, Nigerians are only louder.

      3. You claim that Nigerians are criminals, how come Ghanaians never go after these Criminals, u only seem to want to drive traders and other legal workers out because you refuse to improve and frankly these acts are jealousy driven. But remember Nigeria even at its most weakest is still producing the best Africa has to offer. U can take our shops, call us criminals, treat us like inferior race of people and deny us justice but remember the rejected stone is often the corner stone and the bitterness u have placed in ppls hearts wont be forgotten. I write this article to mend that fence before history repeats itself, u can only frustrate people for so long before they are feedup. How many Ghanaian businesses in Nigeria are being closed? Nigerians pay 500 dollars for resident permit while you pay 300 ghs in Nigeria and most of u dont still pay. How many Ghanaians are abused in Nigeria just because they are Ghanaians? Pls I hope ur survey shows this. I know this is me wasting my time because your comment can only come from an illogical mind, do what u want, say what u will but remember, no one knows tomorrow.

  2. I was so drawn to your article in the beginning but stopped taking your article seriously when I realized the inaccuracies and one sided stance you take but still accuse Ghanaians of. I get that you are a Nigerian living in Ghana and that will definitely ignite a huge sense of patriotism for your country. But I will plead with you to be critical. I love Nigeria greatly and as a person who follows both Nigerian and Ghanaian media adamantly, I will tell you point blank, some of your assertions in this article are untrue or at most a spin on what the deeper issues are. A major one being the closure of the Nigerian high commission and the reasons behind it. Also Guta might not be right in how they go about their dealings but are definitely not wrong about what the constitution says and I fault the Ghanaian government for not taking a stance on which is which. Ghanaians do have their preconceived notions of who a Nigerian is, which is definitely unjust and not right for a whole population of over 300m people and that narrative needs to change, but not like this Sir.
    The truth is, as much as all of Africa has its massive teething problems, Nigeria, which should be a powerhouse promoting Economic and political unity and synchronization within the Ecowas has sunk deep down and we can’t afford for that to happen because it will sink all of West Africa with it. Nigeria as an institution has its major problems and is very difficult to work with, with its wavering international and trade policies and bigoted stands on its importance within west Africa and even Africa as a whole. That border closure was more a sudden not thought out well economic policy to save Nigeria’s foreign reserves which was at an all time low especially since Christmas was close, which is why it was done so abruptly without recourse to neighboring countries especially Ghana which it does the most business with. Why will a country close its borders abruptly without respectfully informing its Neighbours and then go around and blame smaller economies such as Benin and Niger for smuggling and promoting insecurity when it should be taking the charge to strengthen its own institutions, rather it uses bullying tactics such as threats and border closures . Think of how it affects all of the legitimate businesses of other west African countries and business within the west African corridors. So yes, if countries and people affected choose to leverage, from your own article, then that is just right. There are a lot more things I could point out in this comments section however, I would rather sit with you so we have these discussions over coffee or beer. I think this should be really interesting. Awesome article though and all the best. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate you for trying your best to articulate your point without throwing insults, thank you again but I must now express my stance. When it comes to the GUTA issue, it is neither here nor there as Ghana signed a free trade agreement. Again you must understand that the closure of the Nigerian border affects Nigeria more than it will ever affect Ghanaians. So locking up people shops based on that alone is counter productive and will only bring about bad relationship when that border is re-opened because those whom you deal with today will still be the same people you must work with when the border is reopened. The border was close mainly because of the threat of Boko Haram and the arming of those terrorists, Nigeria being the corrupt nation that it is has continued to keep the border closed so a few wicked people can profit while the masses who are MOSTLY Nigerians continue to suffer. The border is also close for those who wish to export, you can neither import or export, so how do you think those that Ghanaians are being goods from in Nigeria feel about this? I think Ghanaian media has failed to look at this. Nigeria and Ghana are part of ECOWAS so the retailing ban for foreigners by default can not be applied to Nigerians because by ECOWAS standards we are not even classified as foreigners to each other as long as we are all ECOWAS. It is a failure on the part of Ghanaian government to be clear on this subject., it is also a failure on the part of Nigerian government to be silent on such an issue. The closure of the border is not about Ghana as you are not even our immediate neighbor, Ghana is two countries away from Nigeria. The closure is worse felt by the same Nigerians who must suffer for it once again in Ghana. All the facts I produced are not bias, it only seems this way to you because I am trying to show Ghanaians that Nigerians in your country are really suffering from discrimination and victimization, you only need to talk to any Nigerian you know who lives in Ghana, if you are honest you will hear things that will worry you too. It is also a fact that Ghanaian news especially the morning radio shows and news outlets like joyfmonline make it a point of duty to demonize Nigerians in Ghana, Nigerians in Ghana contribute tremendously to Commerce, Economics, Healthcare and even Academics why isnt this ever brought up? yet when 4 or 5 Nigerians commit a crime it is capitalized on as though this is all Nigerians do in Ghana. Most Nigerians who own businesses are a good percentage of Ghana employers who mostly employ Ghanaians, this is a fact too, There are no Nigerian employers who only employ Nigerians but you can find this behavior amongst Chinese and Philippines who wont even patronize Ghanaian businesses. I understand that words like victimization and discrimination are very strong words to use in the context that I am using it but it has to be said, Nigerians contribute a lot to Ghana economy and we actively patronize every and all Ghana business, when last did you see a Chinese or Arab doing the same? But they get to be treated as the best. Just for your information Nigerians in Ghana are mostly in Accra, those in tema and kumasi are too little. But in Nigeria, we have 36 states, most of these states out number Ghana in population and within these states you will find a kind of Ghana town in almost every city in Nigeria, this is a fact, Ghanaians in Nigeria live in peace and no one singles them out, there are many of them doing well and also some of them doing crimes, but why is it that Nigerians in Ghana get to be treated like the problem of the nation? You have Chinese doing galamzey illegally and Ghanaian boys are dying there in dozens yet still, Nigerians are still paraded as devils of the society in your media. Yes we as Nigerians we have our problems where are lacking but the way in which Ghanaians take Nigeria affair is baffling. If only those Nigerians who are accused of committing crimes can be brought to justice and those who are not be left alone to go about their lives without discrimination based of the crime of so few of us, this article wont exist. Remember we have 200,000 Nigerians in Ghana, even if 1000 of us are committing these crimes, it is still not valid enough reason to make the lives of the rest so miserable. Please forgive my typos, this is just my mindset on one matter. I am not anti-Ghana pro the-growth-and-prosperity-of-Africa. Remain Blessed.

  3. I must state that, I have never agreed with guta and this whole issue about petty trading and really a lot of ordinary Ghanaians have shared my opinion but I sense that this is changing. I have always been an advocate for free and fair trade within West Africa and even though I am Ghanaian, I have always sided with Nigerian traders on this issue until I realized through all those reports about the border closure and other political, economic and trade issues , how Nigeria is looking out for itself . The fact that you think the closure of the border does not affect Ghana or other West African countries because they are not immediate neighbors makes me question how you are making your own personal assessments and comparisons of the situation. This has been the same PR rhetoric used by the Nigerian government and I have read it over and over again on so many news sites. It actually really bothers me because it’s a shallow mindset to have when you think deeply and unbiased into the whole issue. And it’s not only about economic and political gains of any country but the utter disrespect for all of West Africa.
    Your argument is, because of Ecowas all countries and citizens within it should be free to trade without boundaries and limitations but you fail to see how an abrupt border closure is a problem and I have a problem with that. As Ecowas, what countries need to understand is, you take the pros and cons of all of the issues of a treaty and you respect it and Ghana is also definitely not right in regards to that as well.
    What Ghana is looking to do, is to secure its small businesses for its population because think about this…With a population of over 300 m people, if 1/10 of the Nigerian population decide to move into the Kumasi or Accra markets because these markets are thriving, this will have it’s own adverse effect on the Ghanaian economy and masses. But as I said before, Ecowas comes with its pros and cons and all countries must accept this as they work on their own internal structures and institutions to accommodate the good and bad. You cannot eat your cake and have it. You cannot say you will close your border but want to enjoy the good of the agreements. I am not advocating for retaliations from any country, only calling out what both our countries are failing to realize. I am faulting both Ghana and Nigeria and really hoping things change into the new year. These are the 2 biggest economies within the sub region and we need to be more collective in how we lead West Africa.
    I really do see the attitude of Ghanaians changing towards Nigerians and hope to see it improve over time. Thanks for your feedback.

    1. Nice one but you misunderstand me on a few points. I never stated that other countries wont be affected by the closure, my point is that Ghana behaves like the closure affects them the greatest when the most affect are the Nigerians themselves. Now let me ask, if Ghana closed its border because of threats of terrorism and Nigeria begins to throw Ghanaian traders out of the market, how does that seem to you? For you to fully grasp this you must be able to put yourself in the place of others. All I know about Ghana Nigeria relations especially in Ghana is that it wont change. anytime soon. I watched a video of a guy speaking twi and telling Ghanaians that they should do what south Africa did to Nigerians, what he said didnt bother me but all his commentators agreed that was alarming to me. Nigerians have been slandered by the Ghanaian media for about 6 years straight so i doubt anything will change in the near future, this is not to say Nigerians are saints in the country but the level to which things are now, all that needs to happen is something small and Nigerians will be murder in mass in Ghana. Do you realize that in Ghana if a lady gets her heart broken by a Nigerian man the matter immediately evolves to ‘Nigerians, thats how they are, bad people’ This is even more shocking because her heart may have been broken by 3 or 4 Ghanaian men previously but when a Nigerian does it, hmmmm. A Nigerian could be driving on the street and makes a mistake in turning or something, everything is fine until the other drivers realize he is Nigerian then the matter evolves to ‘fucking Nigerians, thats how they are, wicked people’ The way they say Nigerians are committing crimes in Ghana, if this was confirmed, I know Ghanaians would have thrown out Nigerians and wont be letting any Nigerians into the borders. The only way forward is for Nigerians to learn from this and use that discomfort to rebuild their nation so very few people will even want to travel. For the generations that my family have lived here and contributed to the society yet I still get to feel uncomfortable and even victimized sometimes, I do not think anything will change. Remain Blessed

  4. Hmmmmm… My brethren, it’s neither here nor there but, the truth is bad governance in the side of both countries as the two heads Buhari n Nana addo leaderships look more of a dictatorship than democratic n therefore, have failed their people n Africa in general as it always know that when two elephants are in contention the grasses suffer the effect meanwhile, the border closure is a very wicked decision by Buhari n to me doesn’t make sense as that demerits are more than merits however, the level of hatred or jealousy of Ghanaians towards nigeria can only be cured by divine effects as long as the Alatani or Anago hate speeches are still in play…..one love #pabloplanet

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