• Mon. Nov 23rd, 2020

CHIEF PRIESTS of Local Shrines across ACCRA & VOLTA issues WARNING; SPIRIT WOMEN on the RISE

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This is a far off topic from what I usually cover but this is very interesting news, as I have met people who have been directly impacted by this, even before the warning was issued.


According to popular news sources, chief priests of different native shrines across Accra and Volta Region has warned of the increase of spirit women prowling the night.

According to report these spirit women only come out in the evenings, they look like every other women on the street except for some distinct differences, these women are reported to actually be animals that live in the forest, they are usually, peacocks, Snakes, chameleons, bush pigs and antelopes. They all can speak even in animal form and when they wish to leave the forest to be amongst human beings, they shed their skins and leave it behind as they make their way into cities. These women are also said to have strange behaviors as they do not seem to have advance socializing skills, they ask awkward questions, making awkward noises and eating like animals.

These animal spirit women have been reported to pose as prostitutes to lure men into bed, once any man has had sex with them, they use their powers to cause problems in that mans life, which will over time lead to suicide. Many men have gotten different diseases which when analyzed showed traces of infections only gotten from sexual intercourse with animals.


True Story: A man saw a girl on the street one evening and decided to give her a lift, on the process of given her a lift, they talked and before he knew it they diverted to a popular bar, where he bought her drink and food, one thing lead to another and they ended up back at his residence.

They had sex and then he slept off, while sleeping he realized that he felt this discomfort in his soul, he woke up to go grab a drink from the kitchen, as soon as he put on the lights, what he saw on his bed was a lady with the head of a goat, he screamed, the lady woke, as she got up she realized why he was shouting and proceeded massage her face back into normal human shape. The man who saw this went deaf and dumb for 12 months and has had to remain under  suicide watch since then.

Make of this what you will as I have done, I will like to see your opinions in the comments, have you heard of issues like this? What do you think? Share your thoughts and stories.

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