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A disturbing phenomenon is arising across Africa, this is a tactic that was used by the the European Emperors of ancient Roman Empire but today, some of our leaders have masterfully implemented this tactic on the minds of the African layman and for this, I foresee a great evil that will destroy everything until those that remain are too weak to fight their enslavement.

This is about the xenophobic murders & looting happening in South Africa in the past few days of August to September 2019, many of us looking at the event, look at the angry, mostly slum dwelling unemployed South Africans, killing innocent African migrants in their country with disgust and most of us have put the full blame on them. Yet I assure you that there is something worse, something greatly wicked going on in the background, and by the end of this article, you will understand some of what is truly going on.

South Africans concentrating on the nothingness, all the while ignoring the elephant in the room.

In Rome, when the people got agitated because of due to growing hunger or lack of opportunities for the layman and the Cesar feared that the people will go wild and breakdown the system, becoming uncontrollable, the Cesar will organize games and festivities that lasted days, giving them the illusion of a great society while the Cesar worked behind closed doors to secure himself, strengthen the army presence in the capital, endorse legislation that the people will otherwise refuse if enough attention was on the matter and many time, this lead to the reduced rights of the people. This is the same game that is being played on the South African people, to be honest, across Africa. The looting and murder of the African foreigners in South Africa is the new Colosseum and gladiatorial arena, distracting the people from the obvious elephant in the room, the fact that Europeans descendants of the perpetrators of the apartheid own everything and are still 100% in control as they all remain in the upper middle class and the super rich, benefiting from the best that South Africa has to offer, while black South Africans unwittingly go around, killing and looting people who are bottom dwellers as they are, doing the hard work for their dutch (white) overlords who actually own everything.

The true benefactors of everything good in South Africa, they have the best jobs and dwell in the best neighborhoods and they are the racist descendants those that created apartheid. The dutch overlords who are the upper middle class and super-rich of South African society. The wicked genius of the Caucus mountains have once again manipulated the black man into doing the dirty work, weakening himself in the process and making themselves infinitely easier to subdue and enslave.

A situation is introduced apparently from no where and allowed to linger, as the people look one way, legislation and laws are put into effect that only serve to increase the power of the few over the many.

What has been the political, economical and societal condition of the South African common man in the past 20 years:

  1. More than 50% of all blacks in South Africa live in abject poverty, which is evident in the fact that the slums & ghettos seems to be far more over populated than the city centers. Another 30% of South Africans find themselves below the middle class income, white most European Whites, Chinese and Arab dominate the middle, upper middle class and super wealthy.
  2. In the past 30 years, South African crimes and criminals have grown bolder and more sadistic, evident in the increased rapes and thefts around South Africa mostly perpetrated by the mislead blacks and mulattoes of South Africa.
  3. The growth of unemployment has been steady for 30 years.
  4. The South African woman has more job opportunity than the average male South African, there also seem to be more black women in universities than men in South Africa.
  5. A breakdown of the family as 60% to 70% of marriages end in divorce.
  6. The unprecedented increase of teenage pregnancies, babies that will grow up without a father or a stable home, children who have been proven to be prone to violence.
  7. The introduction of drugs becomes the icing on the cake that puts crime, prostitution and violence on hyper-drive.


With this downward spiral it is only natural that the society will totally breakdown eventually. But for one second let us look at the downward spiral of South Africa and just for the sake of posterity agree that there is an unseen hand pulling the strings, let us all think to ourselves, who stands to gain from the devastation and alienation of the blacks in South Africa.

South Africa seems to be taking the exact same footsteps that the African American took from the 60s to the 90s. First a nice time of job opportunities and the resemblance of equality, then the loss of these jobs, neighborhoods turned into Ghettos, the introduction of drugs into the system, the rise of teenage pregnancy, the breakdown of marriages, the silent provision of education and job opportunities for the women, empowering women over men no matter how progressive the society is, this act will create a confused generation of men against women and women against men mentality, pushing society step by step into a melt down of morality with drugs as a catalyst for this process. This systematic breaking down of society will lead to frustration, as the mind of the people are fighting an enemy they can neither identify or comprehend.

Is the situation of the south African men self inflicted or is there a hidden hand that has orchestrated this chaos towards an end? I think that there is a concentrated effort by unseen powers to bring the black population to their knees, i say this because what has befallen the black population of South Africa through the clever breakdown of society seems to be the same modus operandi used in the black population of the United States and anywhere that a white population is living alongside the descendants of Africa. To clearly see who the conductors of this symphony are, we must first look without bias who stands to gain at the detriment of the blacks of South Africa.

Is it not interesting that the Blacks of South Africa the face of the xenophobic attacks? Is it not equally interesting that the Blacks of South Africa have been guided to see the most powerless group as their enemies? This enemies happen to be black and these are the same group who spoke up with Blacks of South Africa during the apartheid, by this action the blacks of South Africa have alienated themselves from the rest of Africa, leaving them open to the whims of those super rich Whites who control South Africa who have also over the years shown that they remain as racist and apartheid as ever.

The super-rich whites in South Africa control the wealth fully, so they control the jobs and government, this is not hidden news, yet Black South Africans were convinced by puppets who belong to the Whites in South Africa to turn on their brothers, who they can slaughter and plunder without repercussion. I can see the hands of the European overlords who truly control every aspect of South African Society playing a hand in this event because the symphony of wickedness concocted isn’t composed for the benefit of the black South African layman, the xenophobic killings have done two things has created a problem in South Africa which the people do not yet see.

Those who are involved in the looting and killing wont simply stop, these are mostly drugged up black men who have never been in a position of power and money, they have looted and they will continue to do so. When the finally drive all the African Foreigners from South Africa, they turn on each other when they realize there is still no job that can satisfy their urges, this will lead to a total break down in the black society. But who stands to gain at the broken down black South African society? The whites, who will then be the same people the broken blacks turn to, when this happens the rhetoric that they are inferior so there for unable to manage their country will be validated, then comes the apartheid times again. They have alienated themselves from the rest of Africa and the world, so there will be no one to turn to when the sufferings begin again.

When today we have accepted a white face as the Afrikaners, in the future, 1000 years from Today this will be the image the world envisions when they think of Africa.
When today we have accepted a white face as the Afrikaners, in the future, 1000 years from Today this will be the image the world envisions when they think of Africa.

I dare say that a 1000 years from now, the whites in South Africa will be recognized as the true indigenes of the land, they also call their so called language Afrikaans, could this be a blueprint on how the white races of Europe wish to divide and conquer the land of Africa until they alone are remembered as the true African. It seems awfully convenient that the black continent is called Africa and these dutch settlers who just arrived call themselves Afrikaners and speaking Afrikaans, Africa must be careful for great evil is on the horizon for the black man in Africa. South Africa has just sealed their fate, the coming months should validate every point I have made in this article.


The Anago Man

The true facts of being a Nigerian, My experience and my perspectives as a Nigerian living in the African diaspora.

  1. Totally on point, but, who’s fault is it really? Are we victims or volunteers because last I checked you can’t remain a victim forever. We move from victims to volunteers because we should know better. Not that this is exclusive to Africans because it’s not as we see broke white Americans accusing blacks and Latinos of taking their jobs so they terrorize them. We’re not holding each other accountable and being our brothers keepers. And finally, what we won’t fight for and demand we don’t deserve and likely will never get.

  2. On many of your highlighted points I can agree. But their is much more to this puzzle than blaming and shaming the white minority especially in South Africa. Do yourself a favour and dig into the Kabal , you will find that White’s, blacks, Indian, Chinese , American, Russian, Korean ect, are but all puppets in the hands of the world “so called leaders” these are the thugs off the world, using every means possible to bring discord , VIOLENCE, and murder Through each nationality… It’s FACTS like proclaiming “VICTIM” that’s the true reality off international failure!!! Instead for each nationality to step out that mentality, take ownership off past mistakes and horrendous acts of murder, join hands with all common people (for instance AFRICA” and rise above the controlling view so called “ONE WORLD LEADERSHIP” These minute view is cleverly using propaganda to bring forth Fear Through out Africa and achieving there exact goals, “CONTROLLING THE MASSES”!!!! And EVERYTHING!!!!
    I PERSONALLY have large number off black friends, South African, Tanzanian, Kenyan, Mozambique’s, Zambians, and Botswana’s and we mutually respect, encourage, uplift, and assist each other without any barriers of race and colour… Why can we achieve what we are doing for the last 19 years? Because we came to a middle ground off past mistakes, individually excepting accountability and responsibility for it. But we mutually as ONE VOICE now move forward to equality , power and prosperity, for the people by the people !!!! So my friend maybe it’s time for you aswell to be unveiled by the truth and stop being driven and underlined being ruled by those the true thugs off the world “the illuminati” , “ONE WORLD ORDER” THIEVES, LIERS AND DESTROYERS! and sorry, while you post to the masses and speak and harp on regarding the PAST you are still a puppet in their world game… And not a solution for your people.
    Never in human mankind has anything been won victoriously by dwelling and living in the past!!!
    It is two opposites off each other that can United in absoluut unity working together as one for a better tomorrow 👌

    1. Again I say, this is not aimed unreasonably at all whites as I can not believe that every white person is inherently wicked, this is armed at the Kabal you refer to, who happen to be MOSTLY white with zionist and aryan philosophies and agendas. These are the same all white faces who came to Africa with smiling faces and pious characters only to murder and plunder us, leaving us in bondage and systematic annihilation today. So do not take it personal when people like me address only whites as the perpetrators of this wickedness. All the major players are white, our African leaders are nothing but boot licking minions who have no problem enslaving an entire generation if it leave them in comfort. So if you know you are not the white overlords we refer to, then there is no need to feel threatened, instead of complain, join the fight because as you said, you will be wiped out too if we give these wicked men the chance.

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