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There is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun, this is true for everything that  exists on the face of the earth. Christianity has convinced untold amounts of black people that their spirituality is demonic, it will amaze you my reader to know that only the African man believe’s his spirituality is demonic and must be eradicated. The demonizing of our own cultures and traditions is ironic in the sense that the Christianity that has convinced us to do this seems to be based on those African traditions that we have come to view as demonic.

Today I will be concentrating on the Igbo people of West Africa in Nigeria, I will be looking at a their tradition and gods and comparing it to Christian doctrine, I leave you to make your own conclusions by the end.


Igbo_ancestral_shrine_Onica_OlonaAmadioha; is the Igbo people’s god of thunder, but even this is a misconception Amadioha in actuality is the god of Justice. Literally Amadioha means man of the people.

Besides justice, Amadioha is also god of love, peace and unity, aside the above manifestations of Amadioha, he represents a messianic hope for those in critical situations.

In the play, the Other Side of the Mask, the character Jamike refers to Amadioha as “the god of carvers”. The carving craft is a form of carpentry in the sent that they are working wood into furniture or other objects.

His color is red, and his symbol is a white ram.

Amadioha is described to have no humanoid form, according to the priests and those that commune with Amadioha, He always appears as a white ram.

Jesus_God_or_SomeGuyJESUS CHRIST; till today is considered a man of the people, both in the way he lived and chose to die. Jesus Christ is synonymous with the idea of Justice, Love and Unity. One of Jesus most popular quote was what he said in Mark 12:31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these. The entire Idea of Jesus Christ based on the idea of Justice, Peace, love and the “messianic idea of hope for those in critical need” for all, one of Jesus’s titles was “The Prince of Peace

Jesus Christ in his life was a carpenter as stated in Mark 6:3: Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary and brother of James and Joses and Judas and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us?” And they took offense at him. Amadioha was also a wood worker (carver).

As the sacred color of Amadioha is red, Just do a quick google image search of Jesus Christ, you will be surprised at how many images of Jesus Christ where he is wearing a red scarf, red coat or something red on him, this is a clear indication that the color red is symbolic to Jesus Christ. Amadioha appears as a white ram. Here are some bible scriptures in which Jesus Christ is described as a lamb:

It is true that the message of Christ is the more popular today with bible version that has been translated to suit the message of over a 1000 different christian sect and doctrine. Christianity has been in practice for almost 2000 years, but the idea and spirituality of Amadioha has been in practice for over 4000, the message in its base is much the same as that of Christianity. Africans must understand that apart from Christianity, all religions on earth are derived from the African spirituality, be it the belief in Amadioha, the philosophy of IFA of the Yorubas or the Vodoun of Dahomey Kindgom that is Benin Republic today.


If the world has copied what is ours and are using it to do great things, if the world has copies what is ours and sold it back to us and used it to control our people, body, mind and soul, then why cant we take advantage of our own spirituality that is linked to our bloodlines and free ourselves from our bondage?

The white man came with guns and cannons but it took them 5 centuries to conquer us, Africa could not be conquered by force, this was why the brainwashing by the missionary was necessary. Please let it be known that when the missionary came the first thing they took back to England was our alters, masks, charms and powers they called demonic. They took it and they learned to us it to exploit us all while they called our powers demonic, it is ironic that today, the West that has slaughtered countless people for not following Christianity have become the world’s greatest cesspool of perversions, degeneration, exploitation and sin according to the same bible they murdered and pillaged for.


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Till today we have people around Africa who can not by killed by a guns, we have people in Africa who can walk under water for miles, we have people all over Africa that can fly, we have people that receive innovative information through dreams and people who can monitor people through mirrors. Why cant this power be used for the benefit of Africans? It is simple, we see our own culture, tradition and spirituality as evil, this means we consider the core of our soul and bloodlines demonic and undesirable.

The African spirituality is the original of all religions and spiritualisties, they have tried to feed us with, I have shown you a simple comparison between Amadioha a lesser known deity mostly known by the Igbo people of West Africa and the globally accepted idea that is Jesus Christ. My brothers and sisters you have seen it and if you open your heart the truth is loud and clear. Decide for yourself, is this the ranting of one demon possessed or the words of truth from an African that wish to see his brothers accept who they are and use the gifts they have to achieve the greatest fits that will ever be known to man.

Africa is dying, Africa is being murdered and the day that Africa dies finally is the day that our cultures, traditions and spirituality leaves our souls. The day this happens, Africa will not only be over but the black men and women who inhabit these areas will be extinguished from life. I love my Africa and I am not ashamed of our cultures and traditions, everything that is used for evil can be used for great good.

I will close with this proverb “Truth was taking a bath and hung his cloths at the door of the bath house, Lie was passing when he saw the cloths of Truth and decided to still it, as Lie took the cloths wore it and started running, Truth came out naked from the bath house and started chasing Lie” Ever since that day, Naked TRUTH has been chasing that well dressed LIE!


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  1. The African Christian and Islamic leaders who know the truth, have been brainwashed to the extend that, no amount of truth can let them tell the truth..,…….. AWAKE AFRICA

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