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This article is for the many Nigerian calling now President Buhari a fool to think again. I truly believe that there is a method to his madness and the method is what I hope to expose here. I will attempt to analyze his rhetoric, personality and history of Muhammadu Buhari. This article is to show that this man is not just a foolish villain as the media will have us believe, but an evil genius with the background and career to backup the wickedness that the title of this article suggests.

Muhammadu Buhari’s Early Life; Buhari was born into a wealthy family, his father was a fulani chief with many wives of which he was the 23rd child of the father. Muhammadu Buhari went on at age 19 to join the  Nigerian Military Training College (NMTC) in 1962. In February 1964, the college was upgraded to an officer commissioning unit of the Nigerian Army and renamed the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) (prior to 1964, the Nigerian government sent cadets who had completed their NMTC preliminary training to mostly Commonwealth military academies[12][13][14] for officer cadet training). From 1962 to 1963, Buhari underwent officer cadet training at Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot in England.

The above paragraph establishes that he is from a wealthy family, with training in advance military tactics in and out of Nigeria, President Buhari is no feel and his activities in Nigerian history exposes many facts that Many Nigerians have ignored.

Muhammadu Buhari’s Ideology; Buhari through the years of him as a military officer and then a civilian has consistently shown that he is a crafty tactician who is not afraid to spill untold amounts of blood if only it favors him.

We see this when  in 1968, the sector’s operations was within the AwkaAbagana-Onitsha region which was important to Biafran forces because it was a major source of food supply. It was in this sector that Buhari’s group suffered a lot of casualties trying to cut off food supplies from the Biafran resistance along Oji River and Abagana but he managed to secure it permanently, this eventually lead directly to the deaths of 1 Million biafran civilians through starvation. This move, the lives that were lost and the entire plans of the process came from Buhari because during the Biafran war, apart from the annexing of food routes and supplies, he was also one of the top strategists and leaders in this war. The 3 million Biafran civilians that died during the Biafran civil war is simply a result of Buhari’s hatred of Ibos and willingness to sacrifice millions for the achievement of whatever ideology he has convinced himself to follow.

This bloodthirsty and elitist mindset is further shown in his involvement in coup d’etat after the coup d’etat, Nigerians may not realize this but Nigeria has suffered 6 coup d’etats, 5 of them successful and one failed. Buhari has been involved in 3 of the 5 successful coup d’etat

  1. The Coup of 28 July 1966
  2. Participation in July 1975 coup
  3. December 1983 military coup

Now from these coups and knowledge of his involvement in the civil war of Nigeria, it becomes glaringly apparent that even so recently as a civilian, he ran for office of the president in 2015 on the pretext of fighting corruption, making positive economic reforms and also the “one Nigeria” sentiment. These gaslight catch phrases attracted the votes he needed, but immediately he took power the first thing he did was increase the his ethnic presence in national offices to the level that northerners in key positions of power outweighed every other tribal groups 3 to 1(super-nepotism). These are the same sentiments in which he used in justify the coup e’tats and I am sure, the deaths of the civil war.

Why SARS officers are violent –  convener

Despite his power point to combat corruption, as you read this article, Corruption in Nigeria as we speak has gotten to a boiling point, it is so bad that the members of SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) now take people into the bushes to extort them of their money, they own POS machines and kill with impunity, it is national knowledge that SARS has turned rough and MUST be disbanded, but what is Mr. President doing about such glaring issues?

The ideology of Muhammadu Buhari seems to be the same with that of the late Gen. Sani Abacha, they will rather plunge the country into chaos than release power peacefully. I do not believe that a man with the resume of President Muhammadu Buhari can ever be a dummie or foolish, I personally believe that the actions we are witnessing in Nigeria is a well thought out plan to plunge the country into chaos, so that due to the chaos further elections will be delayed and he will then implement a policy in the pretext of resolving national crisis, which will then put him in power for a third term or possibly, indefinitely. He is not the first African president to pull this move, General Sani Abacha did the same but considering that Nigeria was not under the same climate of bloodshed and corruption that it is now, he failed and was assassinated.  I believe that in Buhari’s case, with enough buildup it will work like a charm.

Nigerians must watch out for a civil war before the 2020 elections, we all know that should a civil war erupt before the election the sitting president automatically remains in power and I believe this is the aim. This civil war will also lead to genocide on the South-Eastener side or on the Northerners side.

The whole Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen issue in Nigeria seems to only be breathing tribal tensions mostly, Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen who have been proven to come from outside Nigeria are brought into the country and militarized. Boko Haram say they are fighting for Islam but their highest victims are Muslims, Fulani herdsmen are cattle rearers who are nomads, known to be poor and very private people who keep most of their ways to themselves, how can just in the few years in which Buhari has become president will they suddenly own AK47s and become militarized, murdering masses of people for apparently no reason.

It is my believe that the Boko Haram are not an Islamic extremist group but a Political tool for seizing power, it is also my belief that the fulani herdsmen are not real fulani but people from other countries recruited for the purpose of inciting chaos. These two are organized and are simply using terror to foster a certain ideology and I believe that ideology is one of hate, so they can bring the easily manipulate Nigerian to a stage that Genocide becomes justifiable. At times I see the beginnings of the same drama that played out in the Rwandan genocide, it was over tribal tensions of the same magnitude and similar issues and it was mainly due to greed of some people with tribal extremist agendas and power grab to motivate them. I believe that President Buhari is leading millions of Nigerians to the slaughter house.

Our President is a wicked genius, if we are to avoid a genocide in Nigeria please do not play the tribal sentiment game, see each other as Nigerians so we can bring the bad eggs to justice, we must do this together as one, not as Ibo, not as Hausa or Yoruba but as Nigerians.

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