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While many Africans go about their lives struggling to make it in life, getting gas lighted by the hype of television and social media. We are oblivious to the fact that death is knocking on the door of every black person in West & East Africa. This article is here to expose to you that there is an ongoing agenda to exterminate millions of black African lives in the shortest possible time, through brilliant but highly wicked means.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski was a Polish-American diplomat and political scientist. He served as a counselor to President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1966 to 1968 and was President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981. Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski is also a prominent globalist who truly believes that the world resources are being depleted due to overpopulation.  Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski in an address to the Counsel on Foreign Relations said “in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people” while “today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.” This may seem like to speech of one deranged white man but this is the mind set of the elites of this world and they are fixated on Africa, by the end of this article, you will understand that all road leads a situation of mass depopulation, especially for blacks in Africa.

There is also program that was created by the United Nations called the “UN Agenda 21

The United Nation’s agenda 21 is simply a strategy to carry out mass depopulation through the incitement of conflicts, through a downgrade in medical care and decrease of potency of drugs in the pharmacies. Agenda 21 is a glaring evidence that the depopulation scheme isn’t a gimmick but a fact with actions already in progress. Their is also an effort to poison the masses from infancy through the use of vaccines which has been shown on record to do only harm to the user.

Depopulation in West & East Africa will happen through 4 major ways:

1. VACCINESThere is an ungoing war to stop the use of some vaccines globally, they have been proven to cause all kinds of disabilities in children, from attention deficit disorder (A.D.D) to autism. Autism has now been included among the known side effects of the DTaP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and acellular Pertussis vaccine. This is just one kind of vaccine and its side effect, it has also leaked out recently that Africa has become a testing ground for various vaccines and pseudo vaccines not registered or authorized for human testing.

This is a recording of a Ghanaian nurse that works in America warning Ghanaians against the test of vaccines on Africans especially people in West & East Africa (In Twi Language):

2. THE INCITEMENT OF CONFLICTS FOR THE SOLE REASON OF UNSTOPPABLE BLOODSHEDA good example of this kind of conflict will be what you have going on in Nigeria at the moment, the conundrum of Boko Haram & the Fulani Herds Men issue.

Take the issue of the Boko Haram, this is an issue that the Nigerian military should have done away with a long time ago, but these villains and cut throats have been left alive and are growing stronger. The lay man in Nigeria has chucked it up to corruption alone but the consistent killing with almost no retaliation, the out of no where militarization, weaponizing and organizing of the Boko Haram and The Fulani Herdsmen seemingly overnights shows the influence of shadow players whom we know are not interested in an abstract goal such as the militarization of Nigeria. It is my believe that these group of men have been trained previously for this purpose and sent into Nigeria to cause chaos. I believe the unwillingness of President Buhari to act in the matter only denotes the hands of a far greater force than himself. I believe that the current tactic of Ruga solution which simply means that Bandits like the Fulani Herdsmen who have attacked southerners and easterners without provocation be given ancestral land of the same southerners and easterners they have slaughtered unjustly. Do you see how this is created for the sole purpose of inciting civil war? The entire Nigeria’s terrorism scheme has been and has always been for the sole purpose of inciting death and bloodshed, from the kidnapping of the 200 girls to the unjust killing and violation of the people of Nigeria, it has all been about inciting violence and bloodshed. Boko Haram has nothing to do with Islam, the Islamization talk has always been the smoke screen behind the real agenda.

If you thought the objective of boko haram was about Islamization, then it may surprise you that they are killing more Muslims and northerners than east and southern people. The 200 girls most of whom are not christian, the raid of villages which are mostly composed of Muslim settlers, it is obvious their game at this point.

This is an exclusive interview on SaharaTV, Senator Khalifa Zanna discusses the reason Boko Haram has continued to thrive in Nigeria, and the cost of government’s negligence in fighting the terrorists. He also exposes their hiding place in Borno, where more than 2,000 members are presently being trained and much more. Lastly, the Senator explains why he no longer feels safe in his constituency. Watch interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKdRi_MKFnc

I also will like to note that Senator Khalifa Zanna died just 2 years after this interview in which he stated he feared for his life.

3. IMPORTED MASS PRODUCED FAKE AND UNHEALTHY FOODS AND CONSUMABLESIt is common knowledge around Africa that foods imported or mass produced are poison, a simple observation of this can be seen in the life span of people in the villages in comparison with those in the cities. Most village dwellers tend to live longer on average, while many city dwellers die younger on average. The villages in west & eastern Africa eat the same foods for the most part, so the question arises, what is the factor which causes one party to live longer and the other to die younger. The answer to this question is in the foods themselves, due to the need for quickly made foods, the city dweller tend to go for alternatives to the local food, many of which have been processed with chemicals, these chemicals in many cases have been classified by science as harmful to humans but the city dweller consumes them daily in the form of preservatives, chemical processing and chemically enhanced tastes.

While the villager remains authentic by getting their foods straight from the farm, avoiding most chemical processing and preservatives, the diseases that accompany those kinds of food choices is avoided.

A good example of this contrast of diet between the village African and the city dweller can be seen in:

  1. Brown Ghana Rice which is highly nutritious and good for health vs Imported Chinese rice (Many of which are made from plastic, yes, PLASTIC!) This is a footage of Chinese nationals manufacturing fake rice which is imported into Nigeria, Togo, Benin and Ghana mixed in with samples of regular low quality Chinese rice. People prefer the Chinese plastic rice because they are cheaper but should a man really make fatal choices in the servitude of saving a few coins which will still be spent?


  2. Many people in the villages still depend on special herbs and trees for dental health, when analyzed remains far safer than the toothpaste culture of the city dweller. Many toothpaste are imported and due to corruption all an importer does is pay a custom official and also a health inspection official, which is common practice, and the most poisonous fluoride based toothpaste and dental healthcare products will be allowed into these countries and sold to unwitting consumers. This same chemical is added into water most West & East African water board companies add fluoride to water, you can test for this in your tap water, supply through a regular test kit. This are 9 shocking dangers of Fluoride exposure.

There are very many examples that I can draw from but for the sake of not making this article unnecessarily long, I leave it to you the reader to do your best to research this. Many of these are gotten through a simple google search and please read independent websites beyond Wikipedia.

4. THE REDUCED POTENCY & DANGERS OF PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS (MEDICINE)This is from personal observation, it has come to my attention that in the past 10 to 15 years, the effectiveness of some drugs have become less effective. Take paracetamol for example, over the years most paracetamol tablets have become ineffective against headache and fever, could this be the human body is evolving at such a rapid rate or should we take the simpler and often more sensible explanation, the culture of fake drugs in west & east African healthcare system has become a problem.

Fake drugs are everywhere, in all hospitals and pharmacies, the death toll of this remains unnoticed and cant be properly quantified due to the lack of proper autopsy or even interest into the investigations of this phenomenon. Many have died just complaining of headache or stomach upset which only became fatal after the administration of one drug or the other. The question remains “are these the workings of greedy business men or is this corruption allowed to happen for the sake of depopulation?

Please consider that the importation of fake drugs remains a national level disaster.  Many have lost their lives or have been put into a permanent dependence of drugs due to the initial ingestion of  fake drugs.

Articles on fake drug:

Caution: Substandard, fake drugs in Ghana
Ghana ranked 6th fake drug producer
Nigeria fake drugs: ‘My patient woke up mid-surgery’
Counterfeit drugs in Nigeria: A threat to public health

The fact remains that everything around us seems to be taking more life than it gives, the four ways in which West & East Africa are being depopulated of the black race is only but a fraction of what is actually happening. Our cellphones and radio waves are causing people to develop complications like cancer and tumors. The manipulation of the atmosphere via chemtrails which cause mass respiratory diseases and also mental disorders yet this remains an issue that many Africans are totally oblivious to.

When it comes to Africa, as black men and women, we are not safe and there is an active program designed to annihilate every black man, woman and child. As people of color it is time we took better care of each other and smash to dust the corruption that allows death and stagnancy to hold us hostage.

In the worlds of Dr. Henrik Clark “Black man you have no friends” The white man will never ally with the black man against the Asia, the Arab will never ally with the black against the European, in the battle field of life our only Ally truly remains each other as black people all over the world. The sooner we acknowledge this truth, the better for us all.




The Anago Man

The true facts of being a Nigerian, My experience and my perspectives as a Nigerian living in the African diaspora.

  1. Is there any way we can make this message a public one to create awareness for all Africans,maybe we can take action to stop this. I am a history student, and only when one reads the history of African and the European and western countries one will know how wicked and inhuman they are.

    1. Truth be told, it is true, the european and the arab and asian has never regarded us as human beings. But the main problem that we face are each other. No matter how much you preach and talk to black people, no matter what you expose to them, too few are ever willing to act.

      1. That is not true what you say. I am white and there are many like me that sees the image of God in the African people as well as in all nationalities. I have always loved the different races God has made. They are all beautiful and have their own talents and uniqueness that they bring to the table. What a boring world if we all looked the same and did the same. I have 2 nieces that have African American children and they are loved they are family. The whole world is in a battle right now and we can’t be fighting each other and expect to win. There are people in high positions that have a bad agenda for the human race but that does not mean all people are like them and by the way they are trying to take all of us down.

      2. The article is not unreasonably aimed at all white people but if you will be honest, you will agree that these men who have put the world under siege are people who are mostly white, hiding behind the Zionist and Aryan philosophies and agendas. The white race have been used to do a lot of damage to indigenous groups, many of them came with smiling faces and pious characters but the after effect is generations in bondage and systematic annihilation.

      3. That’s because of one underlying factor… you who’d find that we are the only people who don’t know much about our history. At a young age I studied the bible. Now that I’m older, I can clearly see why we are the way we are. for starters, let me say this, WE ARE, GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE. THE APPLE OF HIS EYE. YET WE ARE A DISOBEDIENT BUNCH. HENCE THE PUNISHMENT N THE CONFUSION.. Scripture says,
        If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 And that’s the crux of it all. When we dance the world follow, when we sing the world follows. So great are we that when ELVIS PRESLEY was able to do what we do, he was crowned KING OF ROCK N ROLL. The shear desperation to be better than we are breeds the type of jealousy that comes with the territory of being who we are in GOD’S sight. and here’s the kicker, the only ones who don’t know this as a fact is?? YUP, you guessed it. US!!!

      4. You are lying Anago Man. People like you are the one misleading people for personal gains. The fulani herdsmen have nothing against the rest. You are just against the peaceful fulani herdsmen. You have to be independent and judge fairly brother. #NOTOTRIBALISM. #PEACE

  2. Recently someone bought a bottle water but to his surprise it was full with undiluted fluoride with active action to a point that when it was poured on the ground of tiles you won’t believe what we saw. And that was sold to be drunk. Personally, I keep saying it that we don’t have pharmacists because they don’t innovates any of the chemicals they use to manufacture drugs they buy ,so it is hard if not impossible to know the real ingredients used to make these drugs. Our female kids now gain puberty at nine and males at twelve this is serious and to revise these issues is like depriving a hungry Lion a meal.

    1. We think we know something but we know nothing, and on till we acknowledge the fact that we know nothing only then we will actually know something.

  3. They have invaded the agricultural sector too. Its very sad to know that seedlings of any kind are now imported and it is now patronised than our local seedlings we met our grandfathers with. Fertilizer is pumped into the sector to be considered as a God send commodity where as it is brought to destroy the God made soils. When the pharmaceutical industries noticed that many are now back to vegetables they highlighted their agents in agricultural sector to bread vegetations, so now you see guava trees start producing 30 days after planting which many think is a good yield and success where as it is an intended poison or mass destructive weaponry and pawpaw producing abnormally. Which we all new was seasonal but because of the eclipse of our minds towards the so call technology bend to accept it to kill ourselves. When you see politicians travel abroad for medication you know they are the electively breaded agents of this all.

  4. To me is better for us to start broadcasting,enlighting,educating,creating of awareness in our community accordingly. Up course i know a lot of people will not agree and support our motion may be because they are benefitting from,but we can save some ones life. And there are so many ways to introduce this article to the public or community,pls if we can start,im hundred percent cooperated about this particular issue….Am waiting a response from you.Thanks

    1. I’m doing what I can but they say that no man is an Island. As long as what we do is about the liberation of Africa then I am in all the way. We can start by provoking discussions in our community, pushing this topic into the minds of the old and young. We must find a way to tell our peoples that there is no more time. As we speak, the death toll has begun, so lets all go into our communities and push this discussion on people.

      1. Thanks for enlighting africans even the film makers if possible should also film about african history that could help us in this struggle for the more africans who don’t like reading & enjoy watching movies .

      2. Them poor Africans. They dont consider us blacks for America Africans and we are not reconized when we do travel to their country. I know because my brother traveled there and tbe Africans told him that. So my ancestors who have been taken into slavery from Africia, brought throughout the countries and everyone not born in africa is not considered Africans. So on my applications I put other instead of African-American. Poor Africans….I can only see back and see their fate.

  5. While there may be some facts , there are many wrong personal assumptions by the writer.and wrong figures Boko Haram has killed more Christians than moslems. Hundreds of churches were sacked and the congregation slaughtered on Sunday mornings, while handful mosques were attacked and not on Fridays. 200 Chibok girls were composed of over 65% Christians, this is obvious from the names released by WAEC. Chibok was also a Christian dominated community. Every of the girls rescued so far were dubbed with hijab and Moslem namez, seems a selective release of the few Muslims among them. Even the more recent abduction of Dapchi girls , they were returned with apology that they thought they weren’t Muslims.The reason boko Haram still held on to Leah Sharibu, the only Christian girl who refuse to convert to Islam. Listen to the videos in the links, violence in Nigeria may not be the making of the European and America-

    1. With all due respect, you are the one being biased here, these people are in the north, dominated by mostly muslim people. There are several video evidences of muslim people recounting their ordeal. Yes christians are officially the target but they are killing more of their people than they are killing their sworn enemy.

    2. Thank you for the enlightenment I will heed and pay it forward may the source of life be with us❤

    1. Absolutely. It is best rely on herbs Only. Africa is for Africans. Vaccines are not the way to go

  6. Where this Evil plan came from and the country who supported them , including those that put the action into practice, oh I curses you all, your country shall fall by the swords of the most high, Elohim will consume you and your race out of this planet 🌍. My bible did not tell too much of people will kill the planet, Bible never told that, I curse you people today and for ever, Elohim shall visit your young and the adult with all manna of killing, killing by diseases, earthquake, weather, and climate shall fall upon your race, no matter how you reduce the population, the climate will never ever change, the climate and weather must consume this planet with the mighty name of Elohim Yeshual, Amen, Isee

  7. My advice here is that we the Africans especially youths we better wake up and form a strong organization all over the Africans and unite our self against any evil plan against our motherland africa irrespective of your country please African is now time to show up

  8. Africa needs a compassionate healer, a black Messiah.
    Africa for Africans will be his mantra.

  9. The God we serve is mighty and he will see us through we must all unite to fight this scam

  10. During a recent visit to a pawn shop looking at electronics,3 white men entered. They turned to the salesman and said they wanted to purchase guns. Due to my curiosity, I asked the salesman about that. He stated that more and more white people are purchasing guns. Makes you wonder Hmm… What are the Government not really telling us. What secret plans are they holding from us. Remember, they want to implant us with chips. For what purpose. We already have automation, robotics. Africans, Latins and, Muslims beware. You are part of their scheme. Modern day Paganism is showing its face. The Vatican is quite right now, why?

    1. I agree as a black person we needs to wake up an know who we are. We been lied to for to long we are the true chosen race of God black people you needs to wake up from your slumber before its to late. Know who you are an who’s your are we are the only race who are hated treated unfairly killed for our blackness abuse an so much more wake up chkldren of the most high God wake the heavens up. Stop killing each other come together for one common purpose to save our blavk race our children an our generations to come. While we sleeping the enmies plotting to see how they can get rid of us.

  11. The western world and Northern Allies are bent on modern day imperialism. We should build an African with elite mindset who are ready to bring about changes in the way we have been framed up by our colonial master. It is time we wake up Africa! Whenever we are ready for An African Confederation by African Youths with intelligence pls count me in.

  12. We are always looking for excuses for our inadequacies and failure as a people. Is it the white man’s fault that we have failed to govern ourselves in this 21st century where knowledge and ideology for growth & development is readily available.
    The wickedness we carry out against each other is it the white man that’s also responsible. When we embezzle tax payers money is it the white man’s fault. We better start owing up to our failure as a people & stop blaming others bcos no one can make u inferior without ur permission. No one can scam u, except u r greedy and wanting miracle money, to reap where u didn’t sow.

    1. Yes we black people in Africa and anywhere we are found have the wicked behavior of treating our own people like garbage, while at the same time offering apologetics to ppl of other races even when they display oppressive behavior to us. Blacks can be terrible to each other but the oppressing hands of our mostly european counterparts are our major problems and this is undeniable. Every black leader that has risen around Africa with the mindset to advance Africa for Africans have all been labelled tyrants and dictators by european and american media machines, many of them have also either been frustrated or assasinated directly or indirectly by the same European and American hands; patrice lumumba, dr. Kwame Nkruma, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Ghaddafi, Emperor Haile Selassi, late president Mugabe and this list goes on. Everybody who becomes too powerful as a black person with the potential to lead masses of black people and with the vision to promote and create a better Africa for Africans have either been killed, frustrated or broken. The fact that most African countries dont even print their own money tells you much about the unseen bondage that Africans are under. U can say it is african leadership that makes this possible but the truth is that Africa is the worlds greatest money maker and we are enslaved for this alone. Our resources continues to be plundered by the same people and we are futher enslaved by loans our wicked leaders continue to take. No ppl on earth are more greedy than the european man, this is why they are source of income for our scammers. When we talk aboit oppression we are talking about the main source of Africas problem so we know what must be done. This is undeniable, we need better leadership but Africa is under European and American bondage.

      1. You are so intelligent and so on point. Reading your replies is like exactly what is in my mind. God bless you and your message has gone far and wide because I am currently reading this on Facebook in a link that has thousands of blacks as followers.

      2. Thank you for your comment, I am very pleased. I am currently working on a more explosive article and I hope you subscribe to read and share your thoughts. A lot is happening in and around Africa, I believe through exposing it, the right minds can come together to change the harsh and corrupt reality that we all face today in Africa.

  13. We are not afraid of death, our only fear should be where we are going to. Killing the blacks not a problem because they only kill body and not the soul. I advice all African to have this in mind that ” African Belongs to JESUS, and no man has hand in body of Christ. For “in all this things we are more than conqueror through Christ our Saviour.( Romans 8:35-39)

    1. Please Evangelist Victor, this is not about heaven or hell; rather,it is about the fact that they want to exterminate our physical bodies so that they can possess the land Africa, which Almighty God, Chukwu Onye Okike, Oludumare, Abasi, Allah, Oghene,Olisah have give to us black people as our ancestral home.

      Take care and remain blessed.

  14. Please people, my fellow Africans, do not look at these as religious war or exercise by the west, rather it is a race war, which they plan exterminate us Africans, regardless of our religions – christians, muslims, or traditonalists, Consequently, we have no choice but come together as Africans, black people, across all artificial boundaries, and begin to educate and sensitize our folks.
    Take care and remain blessed, while being vigilant and proactive.

    1. Good that you noticed, but did you also notice the others that supports the claim? Typical of Africans, all u want is one thing that backs ur already biased mindset and the rest of the article, video and links become redundant. I did that purposely so I can respond to ppl like you.

  15. Hehehe….we are a hard nut to crack in Africa. A good example can be seen by comments on here. Personally I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories because I believe in hard facts.

    My only problem however is the fact that our leaders and people do not ask themselves relevant questions like; why on earth is everybody so Interested in Africa? If Bill Gates is not trying to depopulate us(Lol) China is trying to dominate us (hehe)…

    We have something that the world wants and craves for and until we understand that and thinking towards harnessing our treasures (which includes the mind) we will always feel better believing that our problems are European born.

    We are free and independent the earlier we understand how unstoppable we are and think in the right direction the earlier our certainty of true liberation.

    1. Ok, I will take a paragraph to profile you;

      You are probably from a privileged home, where u have been opportuned to travel and live amongst in the European system amongst them or you just work with them and because their system seems to work for you as it would for them and you are privileged, you are unable to see how Africa is still backwards because u are not in a system that is struggling yourself. Basically your issue is an inability to see or comprehend the struggles of most African countries.

      I just showed you videos, articles, audio recordings and facts you can check out for yourself, but just because this article is not on CNN, BBC, UN or any of the names that Europe and US told us are trusted website, I get to be called a conspiracy theorist, lol I see how your mind works and people like you will stare into the barrel of a gun in disbelief until the trigger is pulled.

      Just for your information, most of Africa’s money is being printed in Europe. Most of our resources are being processed by them and sent back to us. By doing this they get to keep other materials that can be manufactured into other usable and profitable resources. If you believe that Africans willingly send their resources and currencies to be processed and printed by Europeans in Europe because we lack the man power, finance and innovation to do so, then I have no point to prove to you because you believe a white man is inherently better because of a difference in skin pigment.

      Every African country takes its directives from them and the moment any leader declares Africa for Africans, he is either killed or sabotaged through sanctions/propaganda or more covert means. Japan is for the Japanese and China for the Chinese, then why can’t Zimbabwe be for Zimbabweans or Congo for the Congolese? Why Sabotage Mugabe and murder Patrice Lumumba?

      Africans have their faults but you have to see it like this, even if we clean up our acts today, we still must struggle against the oppressors to be completely free of European dominance or that of anyone. We have been shackled with wicked leaders who act as proxies for their European overlords, taking loan after loan and plunging Africans into debt that 3 generations can not pay back.

      Through slavery and religion we have been almost utterly destroyed, we are the only race that call their own gods demons, we are the only race that consider their mother tongues and traditions a sign of illiteracy and backwardness, it is for a reason, and that reason was, is and continues to be EUROPE.

      1. Hahahaha….. Guess I hit a spot right there.. Fortunately, I made it clear that ‘I do not believe in conspiracy theories , unfortunately you believe the comment was about you. As per your profiling, I will just help the glitches by informing you that my only privilege in your context is being an African! I daresay that your blog is not about me or my privileges but more about workable issues that will strengthen our resolve for liberation (especially of our minds). We all agree that even shit has some value e.g biogas..I love me a glass of lemonade even though lemons could be bitter and acidic to taste….If our greedy leaders in their foolishness did not succumb to the European slave masters in the first place this generation probably would never have known them enough to study their strategy and groom ourselves for the liberation of our minds. I like what you’re doing but sadly I also know that constructive criticism is the mother of advanced knowledge and wisdom, sadly I cannot help but express my position and views without making the listener.or in this case,the reader feel good. You have spoken wisely but I am also excercising my privilege of processing the information therein and responding with facts as opposed to just reacting…..we can only learn from each other as Africans and tend towards educating our minds only when we recognize the true issues that will help us win this war…..thank you for all you do and I will definitely keep responding and contributing more of my views after processing! Shalom!

      2. To be honest you do sound like a conspiracy theorist despite the evidence you’ve provided. My greatest fear is the conspiracy theorist being right. The sad thing is that the truth cannot be fully known by the common man. I say this because we live in an age where there’s all sorts of information being taken out of context. For example the video you saw of the Chinese making fake rice. That is real but the motive for making that fake rice is probably due to corruption, greed, negligence and oversight.

        Have you heard of deep and dark web? which is 90+% of web stuff we don’t access through a regular browser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5W-tIIK8Ts

        If we say mother nature has a way of balancing things out then that means mother nature doesn’t need human’s help to maintain the population. The so called elites that run the world still need the poor and working class to produce their goods and to profit from. What would be the point in getting rid of them (the lesser us)? Unfortunately, I’ll say that we are the victims of our own intelligence and imagination. We are able to think up life changing inventions and we are also able to imagine the worst hence conspiracy theories.

        Let’s even say everything you’re saying is 100% correct. WHy do people spend so much time pointing out the problems instead of a solution. Every body points our the problem rarely does anyone provide an actionable plan. So, in the end what’s the point?

      3. You have a very peculiar way of thinking but this in itself is not bad, I think your way of seeing things makes you blind to somethings because you have termed them conspiracy theory yet my brother, theories don’t kill people and put them in perpetual slavery and backwardness, conspiracies do. You may term what I present to you as conspiracy theory because it seems too fantastic to be true regardless of the facts placed before you but remember a theory is only speculation, I present you with real world facts. Just because it looks like a conspiracy theory does not make it so, the conspiracy to destroy the black man is real, believe it or not, the genocide and displacement of the African man from from Africa is real and happening around you. Again, how can I present a solution to my people when they do not even acknowledge the problem to be real? The solution is very plain in the article, you only have to read my article with an open mind, willing to assimilate and understand.

    2. No, we are not free and unstoppable. We are slave to religion, trying to catch up in terms of technology and as a result don’t have a strong military nor good systems to produce health infrastructure or grow our own food. So, the empowerment you see comes from the arrogance of nationalism. We lack the courage to do away with outdated leaders how then can we move forward?

  16. “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical (Europeans) society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance. This new version is the past and no different past can ever have existed. In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation. The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over africa, but to keep the very structure of society intact”. Learned knowledge , your race is the most physically strongest than any other race on planet Earth. You are the children’s of the Sun and our creator left you with a lot of knowledge but for some reason your ancestors abandoned it. African knowledge is all over my continent America(North , Central and South). Your ancestors came to America thousands of year ago and left us with your knowledge in math , science, astronomy and engineering. Like any civilization we failed and we were destroyed by European. We are finally getting awake and restoring our knowledge that we lost. Very soon a descended of the Mayan with a multicultural of astronaut are going back to the space. My ancestors understanding of time believes that time is a circle. Base on that knowledge you should believe it and take control of your continent by understanding that knowledge get you ahead and be smart like a serpent. Our oppressors uses words that for some reason they stay in our head and degrade us, but they are words that the wind cast them away. Don’t be fools , get knowledge and understanding how to over come them.

    1. I understand this philosophy, time, man, his experience and history is cyclical and to a huge degree that is true. I feel so because there are signs that point to man degradation, as well as man’s ascension into mass enlightenment . The Mayans knew this, the Hindus of the vedic times referred to it as the Yuga cycles, a period of ages and changes that men must goes through and must continue till the end of time, i.e kali yuga, dwapara yuga and satya yuga and treta yuga.

      I used to buy into this philosophy until I realized that this too may just another control system which is used to pacify the hearts and minds of people who are enlightened passed a certain point, giving us comfort in the defeated mindset that somethings can not be changed and so therefor must be allowed to continue as is.

      The fundamental laws of every principle that governs the earth and keeps harmony and order is cyclical in nature, rain falls, it hit’s the ground and gives life, only for it to be reabsorbed into the sky through heat of the sun in the form of gas, once in the sky it cools again, grows in density and falls again as rain, just to continue the same cyclical process. But even in that, one thing that is constant is change, it can rain here for a generation but a day comes when it stops and the place becomes a desert. If change is constant, the cyclical constant in the progression of human nature can not exist, We are the very essence and avatars of the concept of change. A time comes when even that system of rising and falling must be surpassed by our wills and desires to do so, even if our wills can not, a time comes when that cycle must be destroyed and a different system for man or what he will become put in place.

      Will write something on this concept in the near future but I am not sure if this is even the audience for it.

  17. Jesus, Allah, and/or Yahweh are not going to save us. They haven’t these last 2000 years since the first and worst and ongoing slave trade (the Arab Slave Trade, who taught the white Europeans). The only way we are going to get out of this slaughter is through global pan African UNITY on all levels. Get rid of ALL black, biracial, or mixed COLLABORATORS/TRAITORS who have been selling us out for monetary factors. We must hold on to our MANY THOUSAND languages and customs, but we need one universal global NAME, language, government, military, & law system to live under. Blacks, Africans, Alkebulanians, Aboriginals, Kemetics, or whatever we should call ourselves must UNITE GLOBALLY. This is the LAST GENERATION that can save our people, after that………………………………………The ANCESTORS are waiting for us to ACT!

  18. Some whites they think that there are the owner of this planet earth sorry, our God is the king of king the lord of lord let them do whatever they want but they will never manage to eat Africa. The corona virus it would have been the lesson to them they tend to be a wiser but up to now they haven’t got the vaccines this is an example they take Africans countries to be poor yes I know that but God is our savior. He even managed to protect and fight for us, see how they have died is not like here in Africa God is the overall controller no matter what.
    But am requesting you people to make sure that all our sisters and brothers in Africa to knows what is going on in our motherland Africa so that they will be aware. For God and my country Uganda and entire Africa.

  19. Our biggest problem as Africans are the leaders either elected or dictators who take power by force . They are our undoing . I fully agree with this article and the dangers we experience as Africans . The behavior of most of these African leaders is questionable. Why would one allow vaccines and imported foods into a country that has an agricultural capacity to grow its food and for vaccines that are not needed .

  20. The irony is so many of you keep talking about God but never stop to question who gave you your concept and religion of God. If God is so real, rather if God cares about the day to day affairs on earth why does he always sit back and let shit go down? What use is a passive God?

  21. This is indeed an awesome enlightenment. However,the place of a spiritual alignment should not be completely ignored. I’m not pointing directly to a particular spiritual force but without a doubt,people who are big time influencers and a force to be reckoned with in a particular sphere in the world are not just intelligent, they pledge allegiance to a particular force. No man can do these things except he’s been backed up.

    Now our intellectual capital is not enough to put up a fight against someone who has some spiritual forces backing them up. They’re not fishes you just crush,they’re indeed a tough nut to crack,so it takes a greater force and pressure to crack it up.

    Your idea and discoveries are indeed powerful sir,but there’s still need for a greater allignment.
    Ask moses,Gideon,David,Mandela,Martin Luther King and everyone who ever had the privilege to be used by God to enforce a deliverance in a territory.

    1. What you say has some truth but if will you be honest with me, a country like Nigeria and Ghana filled with spiritually enlightened and potent people but they are same as the other plebs around them, Ignorant or accepting of the chains that ensnare them. We need a population of people with this information who are also willing to act and fight for what is right, spirituality is a bonus. The greatest problem of the black man is that he is lazy and a rebel to anything that truly wants to liberate him (crab in a bucket mentality), he knows he must act now but he is constantly awaiting a messiah to fight for him and when that messiah is before him, he will be the same one to fight against the help and will also be the one to betray any such messiah to the powers that oppress him as well.

  22. Truth be told, i concur to most of your judgement about the white domination. Especially with what is currently happening in Zambia as Chinese government have gained access to 60% of their revenues. Also China doctors uninvited visit to Nigeria yet we never asked for their help.
    The funny question I keep asking myself is this. Why do the Chinese, WHO, Bill gate etc come up with a vaccine rather than a cure?
    Is it that they enjoy the death toll on humans race or are they expecting a death percentage before introducing a cure.
    The white have no love for us but that doesn’t stop us from reciprocating positively. That goes a long way to show how better and human we are.
    Thanks for the insight.
    I love your effort and will like to be a part of the movement as long as it comes with peace.

  23. And sadly given the incompetence of black male leadership, they will succeed. Black men are powerless to stop it. Black male leadership has always sucked for at least the last 500 years. Our prolonged marginalization is a result of the incompetence of black male leaders. And now with the help of black male leaders, they will succeed in wiping out 500 million Africans

    The curse of African people isn’t white people……it’s incompetent black male leaders. For some white pussy and a few dollars, they will sell their mommas into slavery

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